LFD purchases new emergency preparedness kits


August 23, 2019

The Lawton Fire Department has taken another step in advancing emergency preparedness efforts this week with the purchase of two mass bleeding kits. Training Officer Jared Williams said these kits would be utilized in the event of a mass casualty or active shooter situation.

“While we hope they will never have to be used, we want to be prepared and ready to respond to any type of emergency,” Williams said. “This is a proactive step for our department and for the City of Lawton.”

One kit consist of five tourniquets, packets of combat gauze, Israeli bandages, chest seals and scissors. The items are packed in a lightweight kitbag that could be buckled around a first responder’s upper body and easily carried.

“On Engine One now, for example, we have one tourniquet and a package of combat gauze that can be used to treat one person,” Williams said. “With these kits, not only are the materials more conveniently packaged for a quick and mobile rescue, but we now have the opportunity to treat more people because of the additional supplies included.”

The concept of mass bleeding kits was developed years ago, Williams said, and companies sell ready-to-go kits through various platforms which typically cost more than $1,000 each. LFD leadership surveyed materials and built their own kits, however, at a cost of $425. It was a project in the works for some time and the department is currently researching partnerships and grant opportunities that may assist them in purchasing more.

“We’d like to purchase 40 kits,” Williams said. “I’d, ideally, like to see 15 in our department and 25 with the Lawton Police Department.”

The second tier of this preparedness project includes LFD teaching “Stop the Bleed” public courses for businesses and organizations in town. Williams said he would love to collaborate with the community to make these courses readily available after all needed supplies are obtained.

Additional emergency preparedness initiatives led by LFD this year include assembling stock for electrical charging stations in the case of disaster and training City staff across all departments in the basics of emergency management through FEMA courses.


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