Marlon Johnson receives Employee Spotlight

marlon johnson

Published October 11, 2023

DaLynna Wood | Multimedia Specialist

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, Acting City Manager John Ratliff presented Solid Waste Collection Field Supervisor Marlon Johnson with an Employee Spotlight, acknowledging his dedication over the course of his 20 years of service as a City employee.

The recognition stemmed from Johnson's swift response when he received a call on Friday, July 28, reporting damaged trees and shrubs that had been left unattended. He promptly returned to the City premises, mobilized a grapple truck, and efficiently addressed the issue.

Ratliff commended Johnson for his proactive approach, underscoring the City's commitment to recognizing and rewarding such dedication. His prompt action exemplified a high level of initiative and a customer-centric focus, aligning seamlessly with the City's True North Culture Statement.

Marlon Johnson's recognition is a celebration of his outstanding service, emphasizing the pivotal role of individuals like him in the City's progress. His dedication and initiative set an example for others, illuminating the path toward a brighter future for the community.


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