Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Proclamation

Published May 9, 2023

DaLynna Wood | Multimedia Specialist

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Stan Booker presented proclamations to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and Marie Detty Youth and Family Services for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental health is an essential part of our overall well-being and has a significant impact on our relationships, productivity, and ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity. Unfortunately, mental illness affects many Oklahomans and often becomes life-threatening, increasing the risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts. Early identification and treatment can make a profound difference in the successful management of mental illness and recovery.

The proclamation reads that Substance Use Disorder is not a moral issue, but rather a chronic, treatable disease that individuals can recover from and go on to live healthy lives. In Oklahoma, nearly 300,000 people report having a substance use disorder, and approximately 300 Oklahomans are admitted for urgent care or crisis mental health services each week.

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services recognizes that Oklahomans deserve to have mental health and addiction services within reach without fear of judgment or shame. The evidence-based Crisis Response Continuum meets people where they are and when they need it most.

There are safe, effective, and lifesaving tools available to help people experiencing substance use. The 988 Mental Health Lifeline provides free, confidential, and accessible support to Oklahomans experiencing a mental health crisis through trained mental health professionals via text or call, mobile crisis teams, urgent care and crisis centers, and follow-up appointments.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, we have the opportunity to come together as a community to promote understanding, education, and access to resources that can enhance the mental well-being of all our residents. Marie Detty Youth and Family Services has been a steadfast advocate for mental health, providing crucial support and services to children, youth, and families in our community.

By supporting Mental Health Awareness Month, we reaffirm our commitment to our citizens' emotional and psychological well-being, especially our youth, and recognize the importance of early intervention, prevention, and holistic support systems. Mental health conditions affect people of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and it is essential to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Together we can work to create a healthier and thriving community.