OACP honors Lawton Police Department officers

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Published September 26, 2023

DaLynna Wood | Multimedia Specialist

At the City Council meeting on September 26, the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) paid tribute to some of the brave members of the Lawton Police Department.

This recognition highlights the OACP's core mission of fostering strong ethical standards and a commitment to professional conduct within law enforcement, ultimately working to improve the safety and well-being of communities across Oklahoma.

In January 2022, officers conducted surveillance on known drug suspects in our community. The suspects began loading large bags into their car, prompting Lieutenant Bordelon to be called in for a traffic stop. However, when he activated his lights, the suspects refused to stop, leading to a pursuit. During the pursuit, the three suspects in the car started firing at our officers.

While pursuing the suspects, a bullet ricocheted off Lieutenant Bordelon's vehicle and struck him in the face. Despite his injury, he continued the chase for a while longer before instructing the other officers to continue pursuing the suspects while he called for backup. He requested assistance from Medicine Park, Elgin, and other agencies. Throughout the entire pursuit, the suspects continued to shoot at our officers.

Ultimately, our officers managed to corner the suspects at a location where one suspect was apprehended while the other two tried to hijack another vehicle. As they attempted to get away, Sergeant Ney reached into the car through the window, turned off the vehicle, and took out the keys, apprehending the other two suspects.

In recognition of their exceptional valor and unwavering dedication, Lieutenant John Bordelon was honored with the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart, while Detectives Josh Dawson and Melaine Powers, along with Sergeant Collin Ney, were bestowed the Medal of Valor for their extraordinary acts of bravery.

The Lawton Police Department and these honored officers stand as exemplars of the dedication and professionalism that the OACP advocates for public safety and community well-being.


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