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Applications are now available for the City of Lawton Race Relations Commission and will be accepted through noon July 27, 2020.

The purpose of the commission is to work with community partners to identify racial barriers, promote racial unity, develop opportunities for racial equity and implement solutions for change. The commission will be comprised of 11 community members. Those interested in serving may attend an informational meeting at 5:30 p.m. July 24, 2020, in the Banquet Room of City Hall, 212 SW Ninth Street, prior to applying. Final selection will be made Aug. 7.

Applicants should show interest in community outreach, racial equity, community empowerment and cross-cultural engagement. Applications can be downloaded from the city’s website: https://www.lawtonok.gov/sites/default/files/publications/2020-07/RRC%20Application_2.pdf. They may be filled out and returned to the City Manager's on the second floor of City Hall, 212 SW Ninth Street, or returned via email to @email.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Community Relations Director Tiffany Vrska or any of the Race Relations Council Committee members: Mayor Stan Booker, Councilwoman Onreka Johnson, Councilwoman Mary Ann Hankins or Councilman Allan Hampton. Contact information for all may be found on the bottom of the application.



At the Lawton City Council meeting on 6/23/20, Councilwoman Onreka Johnson gave an update on the City of Lawton's Race Relations Committee. Johnson serves as the chair of the organizing council committee. Below is a summarization of the purpose of the Race Relations Commission, as shared by Johnson:

Purpose: To identify racial barriers, promote racial unity and work with community partners to provide solutions for change.

Vision: To move into a direction whereby the City of Lawton and community partners create a community where everyone feels included by creating a foundation that our future leaders, our children, can work together and build upon. 

Mission: To have a community where every everyone feels they are treated with fairness by having equitable opportunities for growth and access tools for success.


  1. There will be an informational meeting set for those who are interested in the participating on the member commission.
  2. There will be an application process that will be reviewed by the committee and members will appointed by the Mayor.
  3. Members should have the interest, time and energy.
  4. An interview board is currently in the process of being appointed.

The Commission

  1. Will provide updates on progress, information and recommendations to the City Council
  2. Be responsible for developing and ensuring the implementation specific action plans
  3. Establish collaborative partnerships to:
    • Host Forums/Workshops/Community Conversations
      • For the purpose of identifying racially related concerns, issues and challenges in the community with the intention of identifying solutions
    • Build On the Positive
      • Collaborate with community based groups, agencies and organizations to help identify issues and seek out solutions to racially challenges in our community
    • Awareness and Skill
      • ​​​​​​​Link citizens and children to resources in the community to help meet individual needs to maintain and or obtain success
    • Engage Cultures
      • Host cultural competency and sensitivity community workshops with the focus on race relations

More information regarding the City of Lawton's Race Relation Commission will be provided once made available.


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