Solid Waste Collection Division Disposing of Unserviceable Poly Carts

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The City of Lawton Solid Waste Collection Division has been hard at work cleaning the division's container maintenance yard and disposing of the damaged carts at the Lawton Landfill. The division has a large volume of poly carts that were purchased from 2008-2010 that have been deemed unserviceable due to deep cracks that have developed due to wear and tear from being collected by solid waste trucks. These poly carts are also no longer covered by the 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Over 80 percent of the residential containers that are currently in service were purchased from 2006 to 2010 when the City of Lawton initiated the current automated collection service. With an average life span of 10 years per cart for once-a-week collection, the division is fortunate that these poly carts have lasted 11 to 15 years with twice-a-week collection and adverse weather conditions that occur in the area.

The division is currently selecting these poly carts that are being disposed of by various reasons: cracked in sides or bottoms; plastic has become fragile and sinks in when a truck tries to collect it and not allowing the trash to be removed from cart; lid and wheel failures on aged carts, etc. Examples of these unserviceable carts can be found in the picture above.

Lawton residents who may have a damaged poly cart can either call the Solid Waste Collection office at 580-581-3428 or visit the City of Lawton's website and submit an order for replacement/repair:

Once order has been placed residents should allow seven to 10 business days for delivery. Damaged carts should be placed in a visible location to allow Solid Waste Collection staff the ability to collect the damaged cart when a new cart is delivered.


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