Windy Day Tips for Residents!


Trash collection can be very challenging on windy days! Please read some tips and pointers from our Solid Waste Collection Management that can aid in our efforts of sufficiently collecting trash, as well as keeping our community clean!

  • Bag all your trash before placing it in the bin. This is especially important for small and lightweight items. (Plastic bags, boxes, loose paper)
  • Be sure that your lid can close. (Trash is more susceptible to blowing out of the cart when the lid is not completely shut)
  • Bring your cart in as soon as possible after collection to reduce the risk of car blowing down the street.
  • Take your cart to the curb the morning of collection, rather than the evening before. (This swill reduce the time the cart is exposed to the wind)
  • If you are home, keep an eye on the neighborhood carts. Secure them if it looks like the cart or items from it are blowing away.

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