Administrative Policy 1-03 City-Provided Work Clothing Policy for General Employees

DATE: March 13, 1992




PURPOSE: To establish policies and procedures for the issue, wear and turn-in of work clothing furnished by the City to designated employees. This policy does not pertain to employees of the Police and Fire Departments who are otherwise covered by employment agreements.


BACKGROUND: Due to the nature of their duties, certain employees of the City are required to perform work in all types of weather. These employees are exposed to the extremes of winter cold and summer heat. Often employees must work with, in, and around dangerous equipment and/or harsh materials. It is desirable to provide these employees with necessary protective gear. It is also desirable to provide distinctive apparel to readily identify employees who have continuing contact with the public and/or who are performing tasks which by their nature dictate that the employee be recognized as a City employee.


POLICY/ Policy: The City will provide certain equipment, protective gear and identifying work

PROCEDURES: clothing to employees which are deemed to be necessary for the efficient performance of the normal duties of those employees. Such items which an employee would be reasonably expected to possess and utilize in the employee's field of work will not be provided by the City. Using the guidelines provided in this policy, it will be the responsibility of the department director to determine what items are necessary for the operation of the department.


General: The great variety of occupational field of City employees and the resulting work clothing which the City should provide make it necessary to provide flexibility and latitude to the department directors in determining what protective and identifying clothing should be provided to employees. The standard must be that the expenses will be advantageous to and will enhance the City's operation. Past practices which the City has had in providing work clothing will be taken into consideration when making these determinations. Department directors will advise and receive the approval of the City Manager for the particular work clothing to be provided to the employees.


Eligibility: The following employees are eligible to be issued work clothing:


1. Full-time employees occupying positions listed in the Labor and Trades occupational field in the City's Position and Classification and Pay Plan.


2. Full-time employees determined by department directors to meet the standards of this policy and who are approved by the City Manager.


Acquisition and Issue: Department directors will include funds in their budget requests each year to provide for the purchase of appropriate work clothing. The City Council ultimately prescribes the amount of funds to be expended when it adopts the annual budget. From the adopted budget, a work clothing allotment will be established for eligible employees within each budget activity.


To achieve maximum purchasing results, the City will purchase work clothing in quantity. Department directos in cooperation with appropriate budget activity supervisors will furnish specifications of work clothing to the Purchasing Division. The Purchasing Division will follow normal bid procedures to procure these items. Deviation from the approved and adopted specifications shall not be permitted without approval of the City Manager.


Upon award of a contract, work clothing will be bought by the appropriate City division. The division will take receipt of the clothing and process the invoice for payment.


Each department is responsible for issuing clothing to its employees. A work clothing issue/turn-in form will be established for each employee who is issued clothing. All issues, exchanges and turn-ins will be recorded on this form. The clothing record form will be kept current and will be retained for one year after departure of the employee. A copy of the clothing record form is attached as Attachment 1. Each column for "Issue" and "Turn-in" shall be filled out in ink. The "Quantity on Hand" column shall be in pencil and shall be updated each time clothing is issued or turned in. Each employee is responsible for dating and signing each column in which entries are made. The supervisor is responsible for verifying the transaction by initialing the bottom line of the appropriate column.


A full-time employee will be eligible for initial issue to clothing upon completion of one pay period of employment with the City. This provisions does not pertain to safety items which will be issued as soon as is possible after the employee commences employment.


Safety Items: The City will furnish safety footwear to Labor and Trades employees and other employees requiring foot protection and so designated by the department director or division supervisor. Other items of safety equipment, such as gloves, will be issued to employees as required.


Care and Maintenance: It shall be the responsibility of department directs, supervisors and employees to insure that work clothing and footwear are maintained in a clean and serviceable condition.


If clothing or footwear become unserviceable due to normal fair wear and tear, replacement items can be obtained during the fiscal year if funds are available in the appropriate budget activity and expenditures for the individual employee have not exceeded his/her annual allotment. The inserviceable item, except for footwear, will be turned in to the place designated by the appropriate department director.


If clothing or footwear become unserviceable or are lost due to neglect, they will be replaced at the expense of the employee.

Wear: Employees who are issued safety footwear must wear them throughout the work day. Other safety items must be worn as prescribed by the responsible supervisor. Wear of non-safety related clothing is mandatory if they are issued to the employee. Supervisors, in applying this provision, will give consideration to weather conditions and the quantity of work clothing items provided.


City work clothing is to be worn only during City work and during travel to and from work. This does not prohibit short stops at grocery stores, convenience stores, cleaners, automotive repair shops and similar businesses while enroute to and from work.


Turn-in: Employees who leave City employment must turn in all items of clothing to the place designated by the appropriate department director. Except for rubber boots, footwear will not be turned in. However, if footwear have been issued within 60 days of the employee's departure, the employee will be charged one-half the purchase price of the item.


The division supervisor will initiate the employee's Out-processing/Clearance form. A copy of this form is attached as Attachment 2. items turned in must be clean. Dirty items will not be accepted for turn-in. Items turned in will be placed into the inventory of the respective division for issue to other employees as needed. Items determined not suitable for reissue will be disposed of by the department concerned in the most appropriate manner.


The employee will be required to pay the purchase price for any item not turned in and for any item determined by the appropriate supervisor to be unserviceable due to neglect, carelessness, intentional destruction, or other misuse of the clothing. The employee's Out-processing/Clearance form will be annotated to show appropriate charges. this form will then be routed through channels to the City Clerk's office.


A department employee will nto receive his/her final pay from the City until the City Clerk is in receipt of a completed Out-processing/Clearance form.




RESCISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy No. 10.21, dated July 15, 1988. This policy will remain in effect until rescinded.