Administrative Policy 1-07 Network, Computer Software Standards



SUBJECT: Network, Computer, and Software Standards


PURPOSE: This policy establishes procedures, guidelines, and standards for use of the City of Lawton’s computer network, City of Lawton computers, and software usage on City of Lawton’s computers.


BACKGROUND: The City of Lawton has a communications network that connects a majority of its computers together using a combination of computer software and hardware components. A policy is required to establish procedures, guidelines, and standards to ensure proper use of the City’s network infrastructure, City owned computers and City owned software.


Currently, there is no written policy in effect governing the use of the City’s computer network, computers, and software used on those computers. City departments have computers running various software packages. Of these software packages, quite a few are not the same version or even the same product. There are computers running the Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT Workstation operating systems. Some divisions use the WordPerfect suite of products for word processing, spreadsheet and database. Other divisions use the Microsoft suite for these tasks. This leads not only to inefficiencies because of version incompatibility but also allows for the introduction of errors. The lack of standard software also places an excessive support burden on the staff of the MIS Division.


Software used by City staff is classified into the following areas:


* Operating Systems

* Office Productivity Software

* Geographical Information System Software (GIS)

* Internet Access Software

* Anti-Virus Software


PROCEDURES: In order to maintain system security, data compatibility, ease of information sharing, and minimize introduction of errors among users of the City of Lawton computer systems, the software standards shown below are in effect. There are quite a few software systems in use by City of Lawton staff that are not mentioned here. These exceptions are mainly special purpose database software used to store and retrieve information. Any other exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Operating Systems


All City departments will upgrade all desktop/laptop computers to run the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system as soon as is feasible. All new desktop/laptop computers will be purchased with the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the latest version of the Microsoft Office Professional software suite. The latest version of the Microsoft Windows is a secure operating system and cannot be accessed without a valid logon user id and password. The latest versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system also prevent non-administrative personnel from performing certain actions such as installing programs. Administrative access will not be granted to employees with computers running the latest Microsoft Windows operating system.


The MIS Division will not provide support to computers running other operating systems. Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Office Productivity Software


All City departments will upgrade their office productivity software to latest version of the Microsoft Office Professional software suite. This software suite consists of the following components:


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook


The MIS division will not provide support to other office productivity software packages. Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


GIS Software


In order to maintain compatibility between Departments and to ensure that the City of Lawton GIS system is as close to being “state of the art” as is economically feasible, the following software will be used for GIS computing:


* The latest version of ArcView

* The latest version of AutoCad

* The latest version of Microsoft Access


Internet Access


Internet access will be granted to employees by the MIS Division upon written request from the requesting Division supervisor. All Departments and Divisions will notify MIS in writing of any addition or deletions from the Internet access list. The latest Microsoft Internet Explorer is the designated standard web browser. The latest Microsoft Outlook is the standard Internet E-mail software package. All other Internet access software is not authorized and will not be supported by MIS staff. Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.




All City computers will use Symantec Corporation’s Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition software to protect their computers from virus software. Divisions will budget for and with assistance from MIS, purchase the appropriate number of Norton Anti-Virus software licenses. These licenses will be forwarded to and stored at MIS. The software will be installed and updated by the MIS Division.




All departments should ensure that adequate funds are budgeted to train employees to use the computer hardware and software that is purchased.




All requisitions for all computer hardware related components and software will be routed through and approved by the MIS Division prior to purchase. Items included are computers, printers, cameras, add-on cards, keyboards, mice, video monitors and any other component that connects to a computer. This also includes hardware and software components that are part of any and all contracts entered into by the City. Items not in the computer hardware/software category include computer supplies such as printer ribbons, ink cartridges, computer paper, diskettes, tape cartridges, CD writeable/rewriteable disks, Zip disks.


Department directors will implement procedures to ensure that each division stores all information pertaining to each division computer in a central repository for use by department, division, or MIS personnel as the need arises. This repository will contain software disks and licensing information along with any and all documents related to computer hardware and software components. Items in this repository will be clearly labeled indicating which computer the software, licensing, or documented belongs to. MIS recommends that computer serial numbers be used to label items in the repository. By creating this repository, department will be able to more accurately secure valuable computer software, the accompanying license information, along with software and hardware manuals.


Department directors will designate one employee from each division to serve as the Information Systems Coordinator (ISC) for that division. Departments will provide MIS with the names of each ISC and the divisions they represent. In addition to ISC employee’s normal duties, the ISC will:


* Be the division’s first source of assistance when attempting to resolve division computer problems. Employees will first consult with their ICS prior to contacting MIS for assistance.


* Ensure division compliance with this and all other computer and Internet related policies.


* Be responsible for requesting changes to existing user ids and passwords.


* Be responsible for requesting Internet and Internet e-mail privileges for division employees.


* Ensure that only legally purchased City owned software is installed on City computers.


* Report any and all security violations, computer virus infections, or illegal activity to the MIS Division immediately.


All employees that use City computers will be assigned a unique user id and password to allow them to access to the City’s computer systems. The Human Resources Department will notify MIS in writing (e-mail is acceptable) when new employees are hired, employees terminate service with the City, employees are suspended, and when employees transfer so that MIS can grant or terminate access to City computer systems.


Department directors will ensure that all technology equipment serial numbers are recorded in case of theft.


Employee use the City owned personal computers are subject to being monitored as well as all network and internet usage.


City of Lawton computing resources (computer, network, internet) are for official City of Lawton business only. Any non-business use of City of Lawton computers during normal business hours is strictly forbidden. Employee use of City computing resources for non-duty hours provided that this policy and any other City of Lawton policy is adhered to.


Computer passwords will be kept confidential. Employees should not reveal passwords to others or write them down where they can be found. Employees will share passwords (user id passwords and file/database passwords) with their respective division and department level supervisors when required to do so.


Employees will not password data files (documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) or other network resources without first sharing the password with their immediate supervisor. This will prevent accidental lockout from valuable computer resources.


Employees will not give out sensitive information over the telephone without first verifying the request with their supervisor.


Employees will log off the network during all breaks and at the end of the day.


No employee will install any software package without first contacting the MIS Division for approval and assistance. No employee will download any file or software package (including screen savers) from the Internet without first contacting the MIS Division for approval and assistance. Only legally licensed City owned software will be installed on City computers. All other software is forbidden.


No un-authorized World Wide Web (WWW), File Transfer Protocol FTP), News, Chat (IRC), servers, print servers, or sites of any kind will be allowed. MIS will approve any and all City servers or sites.


Network users will not attempt to bypass security systems even if loopholes are discovered. Any and all loopholes will be reported to MIS staff immediately upon their discovery.


Employees or the public are not permitted to connect any device to the City of Lawton’s communications network without the express approval from the MIS Supervisor. This includes computers, printers, and any other piece of equipment that is capable of connecting to the City of Lawton network. Any unauthorized network connections will be considered a violation of this policy and criminal prosecution may result.


In order to ensure proper design, security, information integrity, and continuity, any and all database files will be developed with the approval and assistance of the MIS Division.






RECISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy 1.7 dated June 30, 2003.


____/s/ Larry Mitchell__________

Larry Mitchell, City Manager

August 31, 2004.



 1-7, Amended, 08/31/2004,  1-7, Amended, 06/20/2003,  1-7, Amended, 09/01/2002,  1-7, Added, 11/28/2000