Administrative Policy 1-07 Network, Computer Software Standards



SUBJECT: Network, Hardware, and Software Standards


PURPOSE: This policy is to establish rules for the access and use of the network infrastructure. It is necessary to preserve the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of City of Lawton (CoL) information.


BACKGROUND: CoL has a network that connects its computers together using a combination of hardware and software components. A policy is required to establish procedures, guidelines, and standards to ensure proper use of the CoL’s network infrastructure, hardware, and software.



  • This procedure applies to all computing and network-related resources in all CoL locations and includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices
  2. Software for these devices
  3. Peripheral equipment, such as scanners, printers, etc.
  4. Cabling and connectivity-related devices
  5. Audio-visual equipment, such as projectors, digital displays, and cameras
  6. Routers, switches, and other network-related items
  • Network Access Procedure
  1. All CoL owned PCs and laptops must be joined to the CoL domain with exceptions specified by the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department.
  2. All remote access to CoL resources will be established only through protocols approved by the ITS Department in accordance with the Remote Access Policy and Agreement.
  3. Bridging between two networks is prohibited. A device may not be connected to the CoL network and an external network simultaneously except through Remote Desktop Service connections.
  4. Users will not extend or re-transmit network services in any way including by installing a router, switch, hub, or wireless access point to the CoL network.
  5. Users will not install network hardware or software that provides network services.
  6. Users will not download, install, or run security programs or utilities that reveal weaknesses in the security of a system.  For example, CoL users must not run password cracking programs, packet sniffers, network mapping tools, or port scanners while connected in any manner to the CoL network infrastructure.
  7. Users are not permitted to alter network hardware in any way.
  • Hardware and Software Standards Procedure
  1. Hardware and software standards are established to assure compatibility, achieve discounted pricing, reduce administrative overhead, provide faster processing of requests, better support, and less costly maintenance.
  2. The ITS Department will establish hardware and software standards.
  3. The ITS Department will assist in determining needs and selecting the appropriate hardware or software.  When standard hardware and/or software will not meet the needs of a user or application, the ITS Department will assist in finding the appropriate solution.  All IT hardware and software orders must be approved by the ITS Department. This includes hardware and software components that are part of any and all contracts entered into by the City of Lawton. Consumable items not included in the hardware/software category.


  • All users will be assigned a user ID and password to allow them access to the CoL network.
  • The Human Resources Department will notify the ITS Department in writing (e-mail may be used) when new employees are hired, terminated, suspended, or transferred so the ITS Department can grant, terminate, or review access to the network.
  • Department Directors or their designee will ensure that all technology equipment serial numbers are recorded in case of theft.
  • Users of CoL equipment are subject to being monitored including all network and internet usage.
  • Access to the CoL network is for official City of Lawton business only.  Any non-business use of CoL resources is prohibited. 
  • Passwords will be kept confidential.  Users shall not reveal passwords to others or write them down where they can be found.
  • Users will not password protect data files (documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) or other network resources.
  • Users will log off or lock their system during all breaks and at the end of each day.
  • Users or the public are not permitted to connect any device to the CoL network without the express approval of the ITS Department Director.  This includes computers, printers, and any other piece of equipment that is capable of connecting to the CoL network.  Any unauthorized network connections will be considered a violation of this policy.
  • Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination for employees and temporary employees; a termination of employment relations in the case of contractors or consultants; and dismissal for interns and volunteers.  Additionally, individuals may be subject to loss of CoL information resources access privileges, civil, and criminal prosecution.





RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT:  Information Technology Services Department


RECISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy 1.7 dated August 31, 2004.



Michael Cleghorn, City Manager

November 10, 2021.



 1-7, Amended 11/10/2021, Amended, 08/31/2004,  1-7, Amended, 06/20/2003,  1-7, Amended, 09/01/2002,  1-7, Added, 11/28/2000