Administrative Policy 12-3 Portable Fire Extinguishers - Operation and Maintenance


SUBJECT: Portable Fire Extinguishers - Operation and Maintenance


PURPOSE: To insure all fire extinguishers are maintained in an operable condition and personnel are trained to effectively operate available extinguishers in case of fire. Policy does not apply to installed fire suppression or alarm systems.


BACKGROUND: Monthly and annual inspections in the past have not been performed on the majority of extinguishers in City facilities. As a result, the extinguishers could not be relied to function in an emergency situation. In some cases non-standard or non-rechargeable extinguishers have been procured, making service by the fire Department difficult or impossible. Training of personnel in the operation and maintenance of extinguishers has been a piecemeal effort with dubious results.


RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Lawton Fire Department


a. Will approve the type and design of portable fire extinguishers to be purchased for City use.


b. Will perform annual inspection on all City-owned portable extinguishers.


c. Will service, repair and recharge portable extinguishers as necessary.


d. Will assist in training fire extinguisher monitors.

2. Department Directors


a. Will designate by name personnel within the department as fire extinguisher monitors.


b. Will purchase portable extinguishers only through Purchasing Division.


3. Fire Extinguisher Monitors.


a. Will insure that a Recharge and Inspection Record Tag is attached to each extinguisher for which he/she is responsible.


b. Will inspect extinguishers no less than monthly and annotate monthly inspections on extinguisher tags.


c. Will turn in portable extinguishers to the Lawton Fire Department (Central Station) for annual inspection and for servicing or recharge as required.

d. Will train appropriate operating personnel in the proper use and operation of fire extinguishers available in their are of operation.


PROCEDURES: 1. Purchasing - All requisitions for portable fire extinguishers are to be processed through the Purchasing Division of the Finance Department. Requisitions are to be consolidated as much as possible to take advantage of quantity discounts. The type and design of extinguishers to be purchased must be approved by the Fire Department prior to commitment to buy.


2. Internal Inspections.


a. Operating personnel should inspect extinguishers in their area of operation for condition and charge. These inspection are not recorded but any discrepancies noted will be reported to the responsible supervisor or Fire Extinguisher Monitor.


b. Fire Extinguisher Monitors will inspect extinguishers monthly for condition, seal and charge. Any portable extinguisher requiring repair, charge or other service will be delivered to the Central Station of the Lawton Fire Department. Also the Monitor will insure that portable extinguishers are delivered to the Fire Department whenever annual inspections are due. Monthly and annual inspection dates and all service dates will be recorded on the tags attached to the extinguishers and initialed by the person making the inspection or servicing the extinguisher.


c. No more than half of the available extinguishers in a particular division or area will be turned in to the Fire Department at any one time.


3. Fire Department


a. The Fire Department will perform annual inspection, charge, fill and maintenance as appropriate on extinguishers turned in to it by any City department. They will record date of this service and initial tag on extinguisher.


b. Fire Extinguisher Monitors must insure that extinguishers are properly identified and logged at the Fire Department to prevent mis-locating them after servicing.


c. The Fire Department will insure that hydrostatic tests are performed as due for the type extinguisher at time of annual inspection.


4. Training


a. Each Department Head will provide as requested a list of designated Fire Extinguisher Monitors to the Safety Officer.


b. Safety Officer will arrange for annual fire extinguisher training to be administered to all Fire Extinguisher Monitors and alternates. This training will utilize Fire Department resources.


c. Fire Extinguisher Monitors will in turn train an adequate number of operating personnel in the proper procedures for operating the type extinguishers available in their area(s) of operation.


RESCISSION: This policy becomes effective April 2, 1984, and will remain in effect until rescinded.