Administrative Policy 14-2 Recording Communications



SUBJECT:      Recording Communications Policy


PURPOSE:     The purpose of this policy is to state the City of Lawton’s policy regarding official recording of communications and make clear the intended use of this practice.


BACKGROUND:      Technological advancements allow telephone calls received at City of Lawton offices and sites to be recorded, saved or archived. City of Lawton management may grant such capabilities through a formal request process, which is outlined in this policy, in order to ensure staff members are reflecting the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct in communicating with citizens. In addition to training and employee development purposes, recordings may also be referenced by City management in working to navigate miscommunications, protect City interests or evaluate other legitimate business needs.


All telephone calls to be monitored or recorded will be done so only as permitted by applicable law. The City of Lawton recognizes that the correct and lawful treatment of this data will maintain confidence in the organization and provide beneficial information to sustain successful business operations.


SCOPE:          This policy applies to all employees in all City departments and divisions.


DEFINITIONS:         Terms used in this policy are defined as follows:


  1. Staff/Staff member: Refers to anyone employed by the City of Lawton.


  1. Official/Official use: Refers to an item or practice that is authorized by the City Manager’s Office on behalf of the City of Lawton.


  1. Caller: Refers to an individual conducting a conversation with a City of Lawton staff member by telephone, regardless of whether the staff member received the telephone call or made the telephone call.




  1. It is the responsibility of the City of Lawton to make this policy accessible to all employees; it is the responsibility of employees to review and comply with the guidelines and regulations outlined in this policy.


  1. It is the responsibility of employees to make known any questions or need for clarification through their supervisors to their department director or, if necessary, the Information Technology Department or the City Manager’s Office.


  1. Employees are required to abide by all regulations and rules within this policy. Violations are subject to disciplinary action.





  1. Staff shall not typically use phone lines at the City of Lawton for communications that are not City-related.


  1. Any incoming or outgoing calls on City of Lawton telephones are subject to being recorded if deemed appropriate by department heads and the City Manager.


  1. Requests for the installment of recording capabilities on a City telephone will be made in writing through department heads to the City Manager and include the reasons why such capabilities are needed.


  1. Staff members using telephones that have recording features will be made aware of this capability by supervisors.


  1. It is the responsibility of the City to make reasonable efforts to inform non-City employed callers that telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.


  1. Recorded telephone conversations will be digitally archived by Information Technology for one year or for a longer period if so directed by the City Manager in consultation with the City Attorney. The City Manager will have access to all recordings; department heads will have access to recordings from the staff members for which they are responsible.


  1. Recorded telephone calls containing sensitive or confidential information will be protected from dissemination in accordance with applicable law.


  1. The browsing of recorded calls without valid reason is not permitted.


  1. Recorded calls are property of the City of Lawton.


  1. Callers may submit requests in writing to the City Manager’s Office or E911 Center (for emergency-related calls) for copies of recorded conversations, in accordance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Copies disseminated will be at the expense of the requester.






DEPARTMENT: City Manager’s Office


RECISSION: No previous version of this policy has been published.








DATE 10/2/2018