Administrative Policy 3-01 Employee Spotlight



PURPOSE: To establish a program of recognizing City of Lawton Employees who have made substantial contributions to their divisions or who have otherwise contributed or performed in a manner which will reflect favorably on the individual and the City of Lawton.


BACKGROUND: It is believed that a program for recognizing outstanding employees will serve as an incentive to all employees of the City of Lawton to perform their assigned tasks in a manner which will reflect favorably on the individual and the City of Lawton.


PROCEDURES: I. Eligibility

A. All regular full-time and all regular part-time employees or temporary equivalent fulfilling one of these job duty equivalents as defined by the City of Lawton Personnel Rules and Regulations, except department directors and division supervisors, are eligible for selection and recognition as Employee Spotlight.


II. Criteria

An individual employee or group of employees who has made the greatest overall contribution to the municipal government and/or the community in any one or more of the following areas shall be eligible for the Employee Spotlight.

A. Any series of events which demonstrates personal initiative by the employee(s) to better serve the City of Lawton and/or the Community.


B. Suggestions or ideas which have increased the efficiency of municipal government service or created a cost saving.


C. Any single contribution of an outstanding nature to his/her division, the City of Lawton, or the community at large.


D. Outstanding distinctive achievements in the areas of individual improvement through education and/or on-the-job training.


E. Selfless acts, courageous acts..

  1. Nomination


A. Any City employee may nominate an eligible employee(s) for Employee Spotlight by completing an Employee Spotlight Nominee Submittal Form (example attached). The nominee’s immediate supervisor and department director shall complete their respective portions of the form prior to submitting for consideration.


B. Employee Spotlight Nominee Submittal Forms must be received by the Employee Advisory Chairman or other member of the committee for consideration for the award.


C. Forms submitted without all of the required information will be returned to the submitter with instruction as to further action required .

D. The Employee Spotlight will be selected from those nomiated for that month or the Committee may choose not to make a selection.


IV. Selection Committee


The membership of the Employee Advisory Committee shall comprise the Selection Committee for determination of Employee Spotlight. Based on items listed in II Criteria, the Committee shall review all Submittal Forms and render a decision.


V. Notification


A. The employee(s) selected as Employee Spotlight will be so notified by letter by the Chairman of the Employee Advisory Committee.


B. The Human Resources Director will notify the employee(s) department director of the selection.


VI Recognition and Awards

A. The employee’s department director will be requested to appear with the employee(s) at the City Council meeting following his/ her selection, or at the next most convenient meeting, to be recognized by the Mayor.


B. The employee(s) will be presented a Certificate of Honor, and any other awards as may be contributed.


C. The employee(s) will receive two working days off with pay. These days will not be charged to accrued vacation leave, accrued sick leave or flexible holiday time. Temporary employees are not eligible to receive time off with pay.


D. The Employee Spotlight Nominee Submittal Form will be placed in the personnel file of the selected employee.


REFERENCES: Chapter 17, Lawton City Code, Employee Advisory Committee Minutes.


RECISION: This policy supersedes Administrative Policy No. 3-1, dated May 20, 1997, and will remain in effect until rescinded.



DEPARTMENT: Human Resources



Bryan Long

Acting City Manager

February 12, 2013