Administrative Policy 3-03 Employee Performance Evaluations



DISTRIBUTION:    Departments/Divisions




PURPOSE:    To maintain a formal system of employee performance appraisals.  


BACKGROUND:    The purpose of this system of Employee Performance Appraisal is to develop a consistent appraisal and recording of the employee’s performance.  The objective is to provide management the means to effectively communicate the employee’s job performance as it relates to the position they are currently working in.  The appraisal identifies the employee’s areas of strength and provides guidance where improvements are needed.




   1.    Frequency of Appraisal


    Performance appraisals will be completed on these occasions:


A.    Introductory Employees: After every three (3) month period of time during the introductory periods for a new or promoted employee.


B.    Annual Appraisal: Each regular full-time and part-time employee will receive a performance appraisal at least annually during the month in which their position anniversary date falls.  The position anniversary date is defined as that date on which the employee began their current job.  I.E., an Equipment Operator I hired July 1, 1997, would have a position anniversary date of July 1, 1997.  If the same individual is promoted to Senior Equipment Operator on January 1, 1998, the position anniversary date would change to January 1, 1998.  The exception to the anniversary date definition is if an employee’s current job was obtained through a voluntary demotion or a lateral transfer within the same department, in which case the anniversary date does not change.


C.    Supplemental Appraisal: Management, at its option, may perform supplemental performance appraisals at any time, with a minimum of thirty (30) scheduled working days between the appraisals.



2.    Categories of Performance Subject to Appraisal


There are twelve basic categories of performance with two optional job specific categories to be added by the department as deemed appropriate.


  1. The individual categories of performance appraisal are: 

(1) Job Knowledge

(2) Quality of Work

(3) Quantity of Work

(4) Customer Service

(5) Safety

(6) Responsibility and Dependability

(7) Initiative

(8) Interpersonal Relations

(9) Use of Equipment and Materials

(10) Attendance and Punctuality

(11) Adaptability

(12) Goals


In addition to the basic categories listed above, the employee’s department/division may establish three (3) to five (5) performance goals for the next 12 months. The employee will be rated on the previous year’s goals in performance category twelve (12) titled “Goals.” The establishment of goals shall be mandatory for Department Director, Management/Operation, and Professional categories.  They shall be optional for Technical, Clerical, and Labor/Trades categories.


3.    Ratings for Appraisal Categories


Five basic ratings shall be utilized as follows:


Exceeds all performance expectations (5):  Performance is unique and extremely significant to the mission of the organization and is marked with eminence and distinction.


Frequently exceeds performance expectations (4): Results clearly exceed most position requirements.  Performance is of high quality and is achieved on a consistent basis.


Performance expectations fulfilled (3):  Fully meets standard performance requirements for this position.  Performance is what is expected.


Inconsistently fulfills performance expectations (2):Performance is below standard position requirement; improvement is needed.


Performance expectations not met (1):  Performance shows significant limitation. If the individual is to continue in the position, substantial and prompt improvement is necessary.




4.    The Appraisal Process


When performing an Employee Appraisal Process:


  • Review this policy and the employee’s job description, prior to completing the appraisal.
  • Review the goals and objectives established during the last appraisal, if applicable.
  • Check the box that best indicates the employee’s performance for each category, and provide relevant comments.
  • Complete the overall rating and submit to the rater’s supervisor for review, comments and/or edits.
  • Schedule a performance appraisal meeting with the employee.  During the meeting, discuss the appraisal and complete the goals/objectives portion of the appraisal, if applicable.
  • Following the meeting, obtain all necessary signatures.  Provide the employee a copy of the appraisal and submit the original to the Human Resources Department.

5.    Relationship to Discipline


Performance appraisals are not in and of themselves  disciplinary actions.  Their function is to document performance in a consistent and candid way.  However, an overall rating of “Performance expectations not met” will result in a re-rating in ninety (90) calendar days.  If the second appraisal also results in an overall “Performance expectations not met”, the employee is subject to dismissal “for the good of the service” in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 17 of the Lawton City Code..


6.    Performance Appraisal Forms


A copy of the employee performance appraisal form is attached to this policy.  Electronic copies of the form may also be found on the City’s  internal computer network.


REFERENCE:        Chapter 17, Lawton City Code.


EFFECTIVE DATE/RESCISSION:    This policy goes into effect May 1, 2018, rescinds Administrative Policy 3-3 dated March 1, 2017, and will remain in effect until rescinded.



DEPARTMENT:    Human Resources


Jerry Ihler

City Manager

May 1, 2018