Administrative Policy 3-06 Employee Breaks


PURPOSE: To establish procedures and provide guidance for equitable administration of employee breaks for general employees.

BACKGROUND: Apparent abuses of the rest period and break policy have led to a reexamination of the procedures governing breaks of City employees. Breaks are and will continue to be a part of the daily routine, but modifications to the previous system are necessary to insure positive public perception and compliance.


PROCEDURES: It is the policy of the City of Lawton to provide a break period for employees. Such breaks are subject to scheduling and approval of each employee's immediate supervisor. It is the supervisor's responsibility to insure compliance with the policy. Break periods shall be subject to the following conditions which are applicable to all City employees except Police and Fire Personnel, who are members of a bargaining unit.

1. Each employee is authorized one break period for each four-hour work period. Each break period may be up to fifteen minutes in length. Break time is not accruable.

2. At no time shall there be more than two City vehicles or six City employees stopped at any single establishment during normal work hours for the purpose of taking a break.

3. All field employees with access to radio equipment shall call the radio operator and provide the time the break is beginning and destination, if any. Upon completing the fifteen-minute break period, the employee(s) will notify the radio operator work has resumed and the time. Supervisors will periodically review the radio transmission log for break policy compliance.

4. Field employees authorized access to a City vehicle may take a break period at a job site or an establishment within three blocks of the job site. Procedures for reporting the break as outlined in #3 above shall be observed. If the employee is at the home base City facility and desire to take a break, the break shall be taken at that location.

5. To minimize disruption at field job sites, employees shall take break periods at the job site where they are working or at an establishment within three blocks of the job site.

6. Field employees may stop while in transit to or from a work site for food-beverages. The time stopped shall be considered a part of the allowed fifteen-minute break.

REFERENCES: Administrative Policy No. 10-35.

RESCISSION: This policy becomes effective June 1, 1990, rescinds Administrative Policy No. 10.35, dated 10/8/86 and will remain in effect until rescinded.




City Manager