Administrative Policy 3-07 Classification Review



PURPOSE: The purpose of this administrative policy is to provide a process and procedure for orderly consideration of requests for position classification review.


BACKGROUND: From time to time, it becomes necessary to reclassify positions due to changes in responsibility, difficulty of work, knowledge requirements, interpersonal relationships and the workplace environment. As the personnel needs of the operating departments change, it is important to have a process and procedure which allows full review and comment on requests for classification review from the various departments. It is also important that the City's budget cycle be considered in determining appropriate implementation of recommended changes.


PROCEDURE: 1. SCOPE: This policy applies to all City Departments




  • Reclassification: The transfer of a job from one class to another.
  • Class: A group of one or more jobs sufficiently similar to be treated alike for personnel purposes - in recruitment, testing, range of pay, training and other purposes - and appropriately to be given a common title for use in personnel management.
  • Position: A group of major tasks performed by one individual.
  • Point Factor Value: The points assigned to a job using the standard point factor system used by the City of Lawton to evaluate jobs using elements of knowledge, elements of problem resolution, elements of authority and responsibility, and working condition elements.
  • Job Description: A written record of job duties and responsibilities.




a. Employees may request a review of their position's job content if, and when, they feel they are doing significantly different work. The request will be submitted to the employee's division supervisor, who will review the request and forward it with a recommendation for approval or denial to the department director. If the department director agrees that the position should be reviewed, the request will be forwarded to the Human Resources Director. If not, the department director will return the request to the employee thru the division supervisor, advising of the decision. Immediate supervisors, division supervisors and department directors have a responsibility to request reevaluation of a position for the same reason. In either event, a position reevaluation request will be submitted on a "Request for Classification Review" form, highlighting what has changed in the nature of the work since the job was originally evaluated.


b. Review of requests: Upon receipt of a request for classification review, the Human Resources Director shall cause a review of the request to be conducted, including employee interviews and work observations if required.


c. The Human Resources Director shall review the final recommendations of the Department Director and make recommendation to the City Manager on each requested classification review within 15 days of receiving the Department Director's final recommendation. Annual cost of the reclassification shall also be included.


Requests for review will only be accepted between October 1 and December 31 of each fiscal year.


e. Availability of Forms: The Human Resources Department will make Request for Classification Review forms available to employees, supervisors, and department directors.


REFERENCES: Chapter 17, Article 1, Division 4 et seq., Lawton City Code.


RESCISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy No. 3-7, dated March 7, 2005, and will remain in effect until rescinded.



DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


Jerry Ihler

City Manager