Administrative Policy 3-18 Safety Incentive Program



PURPOSE: To establish procedures, as required by City Council Policy 2-4, for a general employee risk exposure category list, for adding or deleting positions from the list, and for employees to appeal should they disagree with the risk exposure category assigned their positions.


BACKGROUND: The procedures and Exhibit “A” (list of position titles by risk exposure category) contained herein were formerly incorporated in City Council Policy # 2-4. Since numerous changes to the list of position titles have been required and are anticipated in the future, the list is removed from the City Council Policy to simplify the update process.


PROCEDURES: A. Designation of Low Risk Exposure versus High Risk Exposure Category (Exhibit “A”).


Risk exposure categories as indicated in Exhibit “A” are as determined by the General Employee Safety Committee based on the official, approved position descriptions on file in the Human Resources Department.


B. Process for Employee Appeal of Risk Exposure Category Designation


1. Should any employee wish to appeal the categorization of his or her position as listed in Exhibit “A”, the General Employee Safety Committee will accept requests for such appeals during the month of June, each fiscal year. The appeal, if successful, will only affect safety incentive awards for subsequent fiscal year periods. Only one appeal for any one position will be heard in any one fiscal year.

  1. The employee must submit the request for appeal in writing with complete justification using the “Category Appeal Request Form” shown as Exhibit “B” to this Policy. After completing the applicable section of this


form, the employee will forward it to the Safety and Risk Officer.


3. After receipt of the request, the Safety and Risk Officer will schedule the appeal and hearing before the General Employee Safety Committee and will notify the employee of the date and time to appear for the hearing.


4. After the appeal hearing, the General Employee Safety Committee will consider all available information and make a ruling as to whether a change in category is warranted. The General Employee Safety Committee will provide justification to the City Manager to support their recommendation for approval or denial of the employee’s request.


5. The request, along with any required, supporting documentation, will be forwarded to the City Manager for final action. If the City Manager’s decision is contrary to the recommendations of the General Employee Safety Committee, the City Manager will provide the Committee a written explanation as to the reasons for the deviation.


6. The City Manager will forward the completed request form to the Safety and Risk Officer. The Safety and Risk Officer will notify the affected employee of the final ruling on the appeal.

  1. After all appeals have been processed for the fiscal year, the Safety and Risk Officer will update Exhibit “A” and arrange for its distribution to the appropriate Departments/Divisions not later than July 30 of each year.

  1. Changes, additions, or deletions of authorized positions.
    1. Should any modified position titles or new positions be added at any time to the City’s authorized general employee manning table, the General Employee Safety Committee will review the official, approved job descriptions for these positions on file at the Human Resources Department and recommend assignment of the position to the low risk exposure or high risk exposure category as they feel appropriate. The City Manager will, in consideration of the Committee’s recommendation, make the final determination and Exhibit “A” will be updated to reflect the added position or change in position title.

  1. Should the incumbent employee wish to appeal the categorization of a newly added position or position title, the same process as specified in Paragraph B will be used.

  1. Deletions from Exhibit “A” of obsolete position titles will be accomplished routinely at such time as other updates to the list are required.


REFERENCES: City Council Policy # 2-4

RESCISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy No. 2-11, dated December 14, 1994, supercedes this same policy issued on September 10, 2001 incorrectly numbered as Administrative Policy No. 3-17, and will remain in effect until rescinded .



DEPARTMENT: Human Resources





September 10, 2001