Administrative Policy 3-22 Prescription Safety Glass Service



PURPOSE: To provide better eye protection for employees and dependents who wear prescription glasses by encouraging the use of protective lens.


BACKGROUND: Safety glasses with protective lens are available through prescription safety glass service companies, at a cost lower than standard frames and lens from a retail optician. Thus, employees and dependents would be afforded eye protection with reduced cost for corrective lens. The service offers high quality frames in styles that are comparable to those available from local retail opticians. The bottom line is reduced eye injuries and reduced costs of replacing damaged glasses.


PROCEDURES: This is strictly a voluntary program, available as a convenience to employees. The City of Lawton will not be responsible for any portion of the cost of the glasses.


1. The employee must receive an eye examination and have a prescription signed by an eye doctor before the glasses can be ordered. The prescription must be no more than one year old. Dependents of City employees may also participate in the program.


2. The employee must obtain a payroll deduction authorization form from the Safety and Risk Officer. The Safety and Risk Officer will sign and date the form indicating approval for payment of glasses through payroll deduction. The Safety and Risk Officer will make such approval after ascertaining that the requesting individual is a current City of Lawton employee.


3. The employee will complete the remainder of the payroll authorization form, except for the payroll deduction amount (cost of the glasses). Employee will indicate the number of payroll periods (1 to 4) over which the cost of the glasses is to be pro-rated and deducted from their paychecks. Amount of payroll deduction should not exceed a total of $300.00.

4. The employee will take the approved form to the selected vendor. With the assistance of the vendor's staff, the employee or dependent will select frame and lenses and will be fitted.


5. The employee will pick up completed glasses from the vendor. Once the cost of the glasses is determined, the amount will be entered on the payroll deduction authorization form, either by the employee or the vendor. Any expenses above $300.00 will be the responsibility of the employee.


6. Vendor will then forward the payroll deduction authorization form, along with an invoice, to the Safety and Risk Officer for processing.


7. The Payroll Deduction Authorization form will be forwarded to the Payroll Clerk for processing. The invoice for payment to the vendor will be forwarded to the Financial Services Division for payment.


8. The monies collected from employees' payroll deduction will be transferred to an account for payment of invoices received.



DEPARTMENT: Human Resources


RESCISSION: This policy rescinds Administrative Policy 2-2, dated September 1, 1995, and will remain in effect until rescinded.



December 24, 2013


Added, 05/17/2005