Administrative Policy 3-25 Idling Vehicle Policy

SUBJECT: Idling Vehicle Policy

PURPOSE: To establish and formalize the city’s policy regarding unnecessary idling of city owned vehicles.

BACKGROUND: As an effort to save on fuel costs and city funds this policy was created to address unnecessary idling of city owned vehicles.



A. Each department will formalize and issue a policy regarding idling vehicles which will identify any exceptions particular to the department. The department’s particular policy after approval by the City Manager will be incorporated as an annex to this policy. Once approved by the City Manager it will be forwarded to the Human Resources Department for compilation.


B. Each employee that is authorized to drive any city vehicle will acknowledge receipt of this policy as well as that employee’s department annex. Acknowledgement shall be maintained in the employee’s personnel file. If an employee shall move between departments the employee will acknowledge receipt of that department’s annex to this policy.


C. Progressive discipline will be used to enforce this policy as listed below: (Documented violations will drop from consideration 18 months after their occurrence.)


i. First offense: Written warning

ii. Second offense: Written reprimand

iii. Third offense: Suspension

iv. Forth Offense: Termination


D. The “Idling Vehicle Observation Form” (Exhibit 1) will be utilized to document any occurrences that violate this policy or department annex to this policy as well as the proper form under C above.




__________________________________ __________________________

Larry Mitchell Date

City Manager


Exhibit 1 Idling Vehicle Observation Form:



Date of observation:________________________Unit Number/description:________________________






Dear fellow City of Lawton employee,


You have been observed with a vehicle in idle without observable business necessity. We are reminding you of your acknowledgement of the City’s idling policy and we are advising your department’s of this apparent violation. It is important that you observe the policy in order to save money and reduce waste. As you know City of Lawton is in a financially tight budget situation and every employee is being asked to do their part. Your consideration and help is appreciated and required!



Printer name of Observer(s):








CC: Department Director