Administrative Policy 3-28 City Bucks



PURPOSE:        To establish an employee incentive program under which employees can be rewarded for continuous years of service with a certificate that can be used toward the payment of activities listed in the recreations fee schedule of Lawton City Code.

BACKGROUND:   It is believed that a program for recognizing employees for continuous years of service will serve as an incentive to all employees to continue long-term committed employment with the City.

DEFINITIONS: Terms used in this administrative policy are defined as follows:



  1. Regular full-time general employee means all full time employees not represented by a bargaining unit who shall have satisfactorily completed the required introductory period and who normally works or is scheduled to work two thousand eighty (2,080) hours or more a year.
  2. Regular part-time general employee means all employees not represented by a bargaining unit who shall have satisfactorily completed the required introductory period and who normally work one thousand forty (1,040) hours or more per year.  Regular part-time general employees are not temporary or seasonal.
  3. "Immediate family" means the spouse, children, mother, father, father-in-law, sisters, brothers, mother-in-law, stepmother, stepfather, stepchildren, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and grandparents of the employee only. It shall also include any guardian who raised the employee in the guardian's home.





Regular Full-Time General Employees Regular Part-Time General Employees

1-4 years$25.00 of City Bucks1-4 years$15.00 of City Bucks

5-10 years$50.00 of City Bucks5-10 years$25.00 of City Bucks

11-15 years$75.00 of City Bucks11-15 years$35.00 of City Bucks

16-20 years$100.00 of City Bucks16-20 years$50.00 of City Bucks

21-25 years$125.00 of City Bucks21-25 years$60.00 of City Bucks

26-30+ years$150.00 of City Bucks26-30+ years$75.00 of City Bucks



  1. All regular full time and regular part-time general employees of the City of Lawton not eligible for longevity pay who were hired on or after July 1, 2003 who are on duty for 1040 hours or more during the fiscal year are eligible to participate. A regular full time or regular part-time general employee shall commence accruing City Bucks credits upon completion of twelve (12) months of continuous service with the City.
  2. Accrual of City Bucks Incentive are as follows:
    1. City Bucks Incentive shall be based on previous fiscal year of service (from July 1 to June 30) and the Incentive will be awarded in September;
    2. Regular full-time general employees and regular part-time general employees shall be considered for City Bucks Incentive.
    3. Periods of previous employment of now existing regular full-time or eligible regular part-time general employees will not be counted for City Bucks Incentive;
    4. Retired persons no longer employed full-time by the City will not be considered for City Bucks Incentive;
    5. Full-time and eligible regular part-time employees who have transferred between different City departments with no break in service shall be considered eligible for City Bucks Incentive to include all accumulated length of service.
    6. An eligible employee who for any reason terminates employment with the City prior to July 1 shall not receive City Bucks on a prorated time basis for the calendar months served.
  3. City Bucks have no cash value. There will be no payout for unused City Bucks upon separation.
  4. City Bucks certificates shall be issued in five (5) dollar increments. Any fee between $5 increments must be paid by cash or check.
  5. Awards will be presented to eligible employees for consecutive calendar years according to the following:
  6. The Human Resources Department will prepare City Bucks Incentive Certificates for eligible employees and forward them to department directors for presentation.
  7. City Bucks Incentive may be used only toward those fees established in City Code Chapter A-19 Recreation, with the exception of the following:deposits, late fees, penalties, Section A-19-5 Buildings in lake areas or A-19-710 Protest Fees.
  1. City Bucks Incentives may be used by the employee to whom the Certificate is issued for recreational fees for the employee or immediate family to whom the Certificate is issued.


  1. City Bucks are transferrable to other city employees.
  1. The employee must provide proper identification (i.e. driver’s license) at the time of certificate redemption.


  1. City Buck Incentive certificates may only be redeemed at Owens Center, Lake Headquarters and the City Manager’s Office of City Hall for room rentals.
  1. City Bucks Incentive Certificate value expires 1 year from the issued date.



REFERENCE:    Employee Advisory Committee Minutes

RESCISSION:        This policy is effective September 1, 2015, and will remain in effect until rescinded.

DEPARTMENT:    Human Resources


Jerry S. Ihler
City Manager
July 21, 2015

Amended, 09/01/15