Administrative Policy 3-29 CDL Reimbursement/Payment

SUBJECT: CDL Reimbursement/Payment

PURPOSE: To outline the procedure for paying/reimbursing costs associated with an employees’ commercial driving license.

BACKGROUND: If The City of Lawton requires an employee to obtain a CDL, the city will pay for specified cost. The testing must be approved by the supervisor.  Upon successful completion, the department will pay or reimburse employees’ expenses for the following:  

Commercial Driver License (CDL) renewal fee.
Commercial Driver License (CDL) including application and license fees.

The city will not pay for failed attempts of testing. 

POLICY: If CDL certification fees are paid/reimbursed by the City of Lawton, the employee shall be required to maintain employment with the city for a minimum of one (1) year following the receipt of payment.  An employee who voluntarily leaves city employment within one (1) year of CDL payment/reimbursement shall be required to reimburse the city at a prorated rate as detailed below and will be withheld from the employee’s final paycheck.

Repayment Due to Separation of City Employment

Separation post CDL payment
One to three months
Four to six months 50% of certification fees shall be reimbursed
Seven to nine months 33% of certification fees shall be reimbursed
Ten months to one year 25% of certification fees shall be reimbursed

The employees shall sign attached CDL Reimbursement Agreement Form, (Attachment A), in front of a witness.  The witness shall sign the form and provide a copy of the form to the employee.  The original is sent to Human Resources to be placed in payroll and in the employee’s file.


  1. Employee Responsibility
  1. Initial Certification

Upon successful completion, the employee is required to request reimbursement of fees related to certification and provide his/her supervisor detailed receipt for proof of payment.  If fees for initial CDL certification are paid/reimbursed by City of Lawton, the employee is required to sign CDL reimbursement agreement form detailed above.

  1. Renewal of CDL

The employee is required to provide his/her supervisor a detailed receipt for proof of payment for CDL renewal fees. 

  1. Department Director or Designee Responsibility:

In an emergency situation the department director has the option of paying for any portion of the CDL certification with a company purchasing card, including the application and written testing fees.  If the purchasing card is used to pay for the written portion and the employee fails the written test, those fees will be deducted from the employee’s check.  If the employee pays for the CDL certification, the department director shall requests employee reimbursement for associated fees with the submission of a detailed receipt for proof of purchase.

 The department director shall ensure that employees sign the CDL reimbursement agreement form if the City of Lawton pays/reimburses CDL certification fees.

  1. Procedure for using a company purchasing card as payment method:

 The department director will request a purchase order from Financial Services to pay for expenses related to CDL certification/renewal.  City of Lawton, Purchasing Card Policy, Admin Policy 4-4 states that in all cases, a purchase order should be obtained prior to making a purchase on the purchasing card.  If in the rare occasion this is not possible, obtain a requisition and purchase order as soon as it is.

  1. Procedure for requesting employee reimbursement:

The department director will submit a claim form to Financial Services requesting reimbursement for employees’ expenses related to certification or renewal.  The department employee must sign form, (Attachment B), and attach the detailed receipt(s) as proof of payment.  

Financial Services Responsibility:

Verify that all documentation is provided in accordance to State and Federal laws as well as City Purchasing Policy and CDL Payment/Reimbursement Policy.  Authorize and process requests for payment or reimbursement for expenses related to certification/renewal.

RESCISSION: This policy is effective January 1, 2017, and will remain in effect until rescinded.

DEPARTMENT: Human Resources

Jerry Ihler, City Manager