Administrative Policy 3-31 Dress Code





SUBJECT: Dress Code Policy


PURPOSE: To ensure City staff presents neat, professional appearances to the community while representing the City of Lawton.


BACKGROUND: Proper dress and personal grooming communicates a professional image to citizens, potential employees and community visitors, while instilling confidence in the ability of City staff to provide high standard of quality services. This policy is intended to provide regulations to help achieve this goal, but may not address all situations. The City aims to ensure flexibility as determined by department directors, in accordance with job tasks and responsibilities, to maintain good morale, respect individual style and give due consideration to sound business practice.


SCOPE: This policy applies to all general employees of the City of Lawton.




  1. It is the responsibility of the City of Lawton to make this policy accessible to all employees; it is the responsibility of employees to review and best comply with the regulations in this policy, or to present any needs of clarification to management.


  1. It is the responsibility of department directors to communicate any exceptions to this policy within their specific departments, relating to job duties or safety standards.


  1. It is the responsibility of department directors and other management to ensure proper dress code is followed and enforced, and/or immediately address issues as it relates to the dress code with employees.


  1. It is the responsibility of employees to communicate requests for workplace attire accommodations for religious beliefs, medical conditions or otherwise, through department directors.


  1.  Employees who do not meet attire or grooming standards will be subject to corrective action including discipline.






  1. It is necessary that all employees maintain a clean, presentable appearance by bathing regularly and practicing good oral hygiene.


  1. Hairstyles and facial hair must be neat in appearance.


  1. Makeup must be professional in appearance.




  1. Jewelry and piercings are permitted if they do not pose safety risks or hazards in the workplace, and if they do not disrupt the tasks, assignments or concentration of an employee.


  1. Offensive body ornamentation shall not be worn in the workplace.


  1.  Department directors may require that visible body art or branding, which may be construed as contrary to organizational values or disruptive to the workplace, be covered by employees.




Executive Attire


  1. Executive attire is required when attending Lawton City Council meetings or when making formal presentations on behalf of the City.


  1. Executive attire includes: Button-down dress shirts with or without ties/bows, sport coats, suit jackets, slacks, dress khakis, dress corduroys, polo shirts, pant suites, dresses, coordinated dressy separates, blazers, sweaters, dress shoes or dress boots.


Business Casual Attire


  1. Unless employees are required to wear a City-issued uniform or unless directors grant attire deviations for given tasks, City employees will dress in business casual attire while on duty.


  1. Business casual attire includes: See attached Appendix.




  1. Employees who are issued City name badges should wear the badges at all times on duty, unless there are safety risks or hazards involved.


  1. Employees shall generally not wear City-issued uniforms or name badges in public places following the end of their shifts or during their recreational time.


Special Occasions / Casual Attire


  1. Special occasions, as approved by the city manager, may provide opportunities to deviate from standard work attire guidelines. Such occasions may include holidays or charity days; staff members will be notified of these occasions in a timely manner.


  1. Employees may wear casual attire on Fridays of each week subject to approval by an employee’s department director.

Casual attire does not mean that employees may look sloppy or unprofessional. All employees shall look professional at all times.

Casual attire is not permitted when attending Lawton City Council meetings or when making presentations on behalf of the City of Lawton.

Examples of acceptable casual attire include, but are not limited to:

  1. Jeans without holes, frays, rips, slits, stains, tie dye etc.

2. T-shirts without holes, frays, rips, slits, or stains.

3. Casual footwear, which may include athletic shoes depending on job duties.

                Examples of unacceptable casual attire include, but are not limited to:

  1. Shirts with inappropriate depictions;

2. Tank tops, muscle shirts and crop tops;

3. Shorts above the knee;

4. Flip-flops.

An employee unsure of what is appropriate should check with their department director.






RECISSION: No previous version of this policy has been published.








Michael Cleghorn


City Manager













Available on file in the Office of the City Clerk.