Administrative Policy 4-3 Payment of Utility Bill - Extension of Time

SUBJECT: Payment of Utility Bills - Extension of Time


PURPOSE: To establish a formal, written policy to allow for specialarrangements for individuals in need for payment of utility bills. To establish criteria for granting an extension of time to pay utility bill.


BACKGROUND: Chapter 22-104 (c), Lawton City Code, 1995, specifies that in those cases in which the Finance Director or the Supervisor, Revenue Services determines the facts warrant an extension of time to pay utility bills, an extension may be granted by the Finance Director or Supervisor, Revenue Services, as authorized by guidelines from the City Manager.


The City Manager has previously given verbal guidance to the Finance Director and Supervisor, Revenue Services in this regard; however, a written policy is needed to establish specific criteria for the granting of an extension. This policy will protect against abuse of the agreement program by limiting the number of extensions, limiting the extension period, and establishing a minimum payment amount.



PROCEDURES: The Finance Director or Supervisor, Revenue Services may grant extension of time for payment of a utility bill in accordance with the following guidelines.


1. Only two (2) agreements may be made during a twelve (12) month period and agreements must be at least four (4) months apart.


2. Customer must pay a minimum of $15.00 on the bill; however, fifty (50%) percent may be required.


3. The Agreement will be made only with and by the account holder.


4. Authority to make agreements to grant an extension of time is delegated to the Customer Service Representatives, Revenue Services Department.


5. Any agreement which provides for an extension of more than thirty (30) days must be approved by the Revenue Services Supervisor, Finance Director, or designated representative.


REFERENCES: Chapter 22-104 (c), Lawton City Code, 1995.





RESCISSION: This policy becomes effective May 22, 1996.



Gilbert H. Schumpert, Jr.

City Manager

May 20, 1995