Administrative Policy 9-2 Roof Inspection Program

SUBJECT: Roof Inspection Program


PURPOSE: To implement a Program for the detection and correction of roof defects or drainage problems that could result in major water damage to City-owned building and contents.


BACKGROUND: Undetected damage to roofs, low spots in roofs, clogged roof drains can result in leaks and water damage to City property.


POLICY: Scheduled Roof Inspections of City-owned buildings shall be conducted at least once a year by the Building Maintenance Section of the Parks and Recreation Department or by the department occupying the building. Roofs will also to be inspected immediately after exposure to heavy rains, high velocity winds, hail, heavy snow accumulations, or upon detection of leaks.


All roof inspections will be recorded on the "City ofLawton Roof inspection/Maintenance Log" form (See Attachment).


All inspections will occur during the months of October through March. The Building Maintenance Section staff will be physically responsible for the inspection of all buildings listed as "Class A" in the attached table. The maintenance staff of the "owning" Departments or Divisions will inspect "Class B". These reports will be submitted to the Building Maintenance Section, Parks and Recreation Department by March 15. "Class C" buildings are leased buildings which are under contract agreement requiring the lessee to be responsible for maintenance/repairs.


All repairs of the roofs of city owned buildings will be documented in the Maintenance Log maintained by the Building Maintenance Section.


A final report of yearly inspections and completed work will be submitted by the Parks and Recreation Director to the City Manage on or before April 1 of each year. This report will be used to determine the priorities for roof repair, and/or replacement.




RESCISSION: Rescinds policy dated March 1, 1992.


EFFECTIVE DATE: This policy is effective January 10, 2002 and remains in effect until rescinded.