Council Policy 1-02 Municipal Labor Relations


PURPOSE: To establish a system of procedures for effective Staff/Council communication for municipal labor relations.


BACKGROUND: The City of Lawton Fire and Police Departments each have elected bargaining representative. Title 11 O.S. SS 51-101, et seq, contemplates a negotiation process by which to resolve disputes and/or proposals concerning wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment between these respective bargaining units and the City of Lawton. This process can be best undertaken by the City Administration. It, therefore, is imperative that effective communication exist between the City Administration and City Council on labor issues. The Council as a whole and individual Council members should direct all communication concerning these matters to the City Manager. The Council as a whole or individual Council members should not discuss any such matters with representatives or members of bargaining units. The City Manager will keep the City Council informed concerning the status of all labor negotiations and labor issues such as the Council should direct. This policy sets forth procedures to implement the policy.


PROCEDURES: 1. The City Council as a body and the individual members of the City Council shall not enter into discussions with representatives or members of any bargaining unit in the City of Lawton concerning wages or terms and conditions of employment.


2. The Council will consider only those proposals for contract provisions between the City of Lawton and employee representative groups which are presented by the City Manager to the City Council as a body.


3. All directives, suggestions, proposals, inquiries, and comments of the Council or any Council member, relative to wages and conditions of employment of City employees, shall be directed to the City Manager.


4. The City Manager, or his or her designee, shall make such report of the status of labor negotiations as the Council deems advisable.


REFERENCES: 11 O.S. SS 51-101, et seq



RESCISSION: This policy became effective May 9, 1995. This version updates the format and assigns a new number to Council Policy No. 43.



DEPARTMENT: City Manager.





November 17, 1995