Council Policy 1-03 Impact of Donations and Grants


PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to assist Council in evaluating the impact of proposed donations and grants on the resources of the City of Lawton.


BACKGROUND: From time to time the City is offered donations or grants that require the immediate and/or future commitment of City resources. The impact of these donations should be considered prior to their acceptance and action taken to identify the additional resources required if the donation or grant is accepted.



PROCEDURES: The City Manager shall prepare a report evaluating the impact of proposed donations or grants on the resources of the City. This report must include both the immediate costs of placing the donation into service or program into action and the costs required to maintain or continue the program in future budget years. Such costs will include analysis of annual personnel, repair and maintenance and equipment expenditures. Evaluation of any future capital improvements required by the donation shall also be included. This report will also estimate the population served by the donation. The report must be submitted to Council at the same time acceptance of the donation or grant is to be considered.


If additional operating costs are associated with the acceptance of the donation, the Council shall identify the source of revenues to defray the additional costs.





RESCISSION: This policy became effective November 8, 1994. This version updates the format and assigns a new number to Council Policy No. 65.



DEPARTMENT: City Manager





November 17, 1995