Council Policy 10-01 Authorization to Accept Solid Waste For Disposal at the City of Lawton's Sanitary Landfill


SUBJECT: Authorization to Accept Solid Waste for Disposal at the City of Lawtons Sanitary Landfill.


PURPOSE: To establish a policy for receiving/disposing of solid waste at the sanitary landfill from cities, towns, and agencies located outside the corporate limits of the City of Lawton.


BACKGROUND: Federal laws have recently been passed which significantly increase the costs to operate and maintain sanitary landfill. Cities and towns, as well as private landfill operators, have contacted the City of Lawton requesting that Lawton accept their solid waste for disposal. Currently, the City has agreements with several towns/agencies. Staff is negotiating with others. More requests are anticipated.


As additional refuse is accepted at the landfill, the remaining life of the facility will decrease. However, additional revenue will also be generated. Communities in Southwest Oklahoma are looking to Lawton for assistance, cooperation, and leadership.


The City currently has an engineering services contract with Burns & McDonnell. Improvements to the existing landfill are being designed and will be constructed in the near future. In addition, the City is in-volved in discussions with Fort Sill to evaluate solid waste disposal alternatives. Discussion is ongoing with Comanche County and other interested parties on the concept of a future regional landfill.


Many important decisions concerning solid waste disposal will be within the next year. In the interim, the City needs a policy to regulate additional customers at its sanitary landfill.



PROCEDURES: 1. Until such time as authorized by the Lawton City Council, no solid waste will be accepted for disposal at the Citys landfill which is generated and/or transported from a location outside of the Association of South Central Governments (ASCOG) area, specifically Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady, Jefferson, McClain, Stephens, and Tillman counties.


2. An exception to this policy is any city, town, business, or agency which currently utilizes the City of Lawton landfill for disposal of solid waste.


3. Any city, town, or agency located within the ASCOG area which does not now currently utilize the City of Lawton land-fill, but wishes to do so, must make written request for such service to the City of Lawton. If the City elects to do so, an Agreement for Services will be negotiated and executed.


4. Fees for disposal of waste which is generated outside the corporate limits of the City of Lawton will be as established by City Resolution or as specified in individual agreements.





RESCISSION: This policy became effective September 14, 1993. This version updates the format and assigns a new number to Council Policy No. 64.



DEPARTMENT: Public Works.





November 17, 1995