Council Policy 15-1

SUBJECT:    Appointments to Authorities, Boards, Commissions, and Trusts; Orientation of Members.


PURPOSE:    To establish procedures for appointment of members; to insure that members are informed of their responsibilities and authority; to establish procedures for recommendations to be forwarded to the City Council.


BACKGROUND:    Appointments are made periodically throughout each year. The Mayor nominates, and the City Council confirms appointments to various authorities, boards, commissions, and trusts. A written policy is needed to provide for an efficient appointment procedure and to insure proper orientation of members.


    This policy updates procedures currently contained in Council Policy 15-1, dated December 12, 1995.



PROCEDURES:    As used herein the term “Boards” shall include all authorities, boards, commissions, and trust of the City of Lawton.




A.    The City Clerk will maintain a list of all members of various boards to include name, address, ward, and expiration date of term of office.


B.    A list of approaching term expirations, including the ward in which the members who terms are expiring reside, and ward of residence of the balance of the board members, will be prepared by the City Clerk and distributed to the Mayor and City Council monthly to allow Council members the opportunity to provide input to the Mayor concerning membership of boards. The Chairperson of Boards may submit names for possible appointment as members to the Mayor.


C.    The Mayor will attempt to equitably distribute membership on boards among the Wards. The Mayor will notify the Council of the name, address, and ward, of the proposed appointee one (1) City Council meeting prior to the appointment being placed on the agenda.




A.    When the appointment has been confirmed, the Mayor advises the appointee. The City Clerk provides each new member with the following:


1.    Membership list of the board;


2.    Copy of ordinance, resolution, trust agreement, State Statute, or by-laws that outline the responsibilities and authority of the board;


3.    Name of department director or other City employee assigned by the City Manager to assist the board; and


4.    Copy of this policy.


B.    Department Directors are City employees assigned to assist the board will provide information regarding matters under study and consideration by the board. Questions or misunderstanding concerning relationships with staff members should be brought to the attention of the department director or City Manager.


REFERENCES:        City Charter, Section 2-4(5)

Section 2-300, Article 3, Chapter 2, Lawton City Code, 1995.



RECESSION:        This policy becomes effective May 14, 1996.



DEPARTMENT:        City Clerk.





May 14, 1996



Amended, 05/14/1996