Council Policy 7-1 Displacement of Persons Resulting from Community Development Block Grant Activities

SUBJECT: Policy for Displacement of Persons resulting from Community Development Block Grant Activities


PURPOSE: To set forth the procedures for minimizing the displacement of persons as a result of CDBG funded activities and to provide assistance for persons actually displaced by CDBG activities.


BACKGROUND: Federal regulations require that all grantees develop a plan and procedures for minimizing displacement of persons as a result of CDBG funded activities.



PROCEDURES: I. It will be the basic policy of the City of Lawton that programs and projects utilizing CDBG funds will be undertaken in such a manner so as to minimize the displacement of persons affected by such activities. Early in the planning stage of each program or project, consideration will be given to possibilities of accomplishing the work with no displacement being required. In those instances where this cannot be done, work will be programmed to give those to be displaced the maximum time to relocate.


II. In those instances where displacement is necessary, the City will take the following action:


A. Initially attempt to relocate persons to similar living units within the project in which they live, if such units are available and will not be affected by the CDBG activity.


B. If the above action is not feasible, then insure that the persons are aware of their rights in the area of equal opportunity in housing and in the case of renters, their rights under the Oklahoma "Residential Landlord/Tenant Act". This can be done by furnishing the persons pamphlets available for the Lawton Board of Realtors that are on hand in the Housing and Community Development Department.


C. Assist the persons in their search for available housing by informing the persons that the following agencies have information regarding the availability of living units in their price range.


1. Members of Multiple Listing Services, Lawton Board of Realtors.

2. Ft. Sill Family Housing Division (if person is military)

3. Lawton Public Housing Authority

4. Inform all persons that suitable housing may also be found through the classified advertising section of the local newspaper.


D. To assist the persons in relocation as outlines in the particular Federal/State/Local Program in which the displacement is being required.


III. It will be the policy of the City that there will be total nondiscrimination in providing information, counseling, referrals, or other relocation services to person displaced by CDBG activities.


IV. When it is necessary to displace persons, the property owner and the City will certify that such displacement is necessary due to the scope of work involved and not due to the displaced persons' particular race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin.


REFERENCES: Uniform Relocation and real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (URA) (42 U.S.C. 4601-4655); Implementing regulations at 24 CFR 570.606 and 49 CFR 24, 24 CFR 42, Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Regulations for Federal and Federally Assisted Programs.



RESCISSION: This policy became effective August 28, 1984. This version updates the format and references and assigns a new number to Council Policy No. 35.



DEPARTMENT: Housing and Community Development Department




July 17, 1997