Council Policy 9-1 Special Event Policy for Lake Lawtonka

SUBJECT:  Special Event Policy for Lake Lawtonka


PURPOSE: To establish a use policy for events held on Lake Lawtonka lands and water areas and to afford the opportunity to organizations to hold fund raising activities for charitable purposes.


BACKGROUND: Lakes Lawtonka and Ellsworth are heavily used recreational areas during the summer months.


Requests to hold beach parties, concerts, boat races and special events have been annual considerations for the Lakes and Land Commission, City Council and staff to equally administer.



PROCEDURES: No leases for special events would be granted between Memorial Day and Labor Day to provide maximum usage of Lake Lawtonka by the public. The City Council may grant exception for a limited time duration for an event sponsored by the city of Lawton or for a fund raising event sponsored by an outside organization so long as the City of Lawton is a co-sponsor of the underlying event for which the fund raising event is being held. For calendar year 2004 the City Council approved the "Family Fun Day" to be sponsored by the Boulevard of Lights Committee to be held at Lake Lawtonka Group II Use Area on July 3 and 4, 2004.





RESCISSION: This policy became effective July 27,1993. This revision shall be in effect on and after April 27, 2004.



DEPARTMENT: Parks and Recreation.