Kids Safety Information

Check out some of these tips to help keep children safe.

Kids Safety

Just as you stay away from strangers on the street, be careful about strangers on the Internet.

If anyone uses nasty language or mentions things that make you uncomfortable, don't respond and log off.

Never give your real last name, address, or telephone number to anyone; if someone asks for this information (or for your password) , don't respond. Log off and tell a trusted adult.

Never agree to meet with someone you've talked with on the Internet without asking permission from your parents first.

There are places on the NET which are for adults only; if you find yourself in an "adults-only" place, or anywhere you think you shouldn't be, leave! There are plenty of good "kid places" on the net.

Avoid fights - Learn how to solve the problems peacefully

It takes real courage to walk away from a fight.

Fights are not the answer to solving problems.

Take a step back.

Get the facts straight.

Be willing to listen and don't be afraid to admit you might be wrong.

Discuss ways to solve the problem.

What should you do when a bully picks on you?

Always try and stay with a group of friends.

Walk straight and tall as if you are not afraid.

If asked to fight, say "No!" and walk away. Don't argue.

If the bully continues to pick on you, tell an adult whom you trust.

Play areas and parks can be fun. Be polite, share equipment and play safe!

Always ask permission and let your parents know where you are playing.

Play in groups.

Don't play in the street or chase a ball or toy into the street.

If playing in a park, follow park rules.

Watch for broken glass, sharp objects and broken equipment.

Pick up your trash and put it into the trashcan. Don't leave litter around or destroy property.

If a stranger approaches you, tell a trusted adult. If one is not available, RUN to a place you trust.

If you're ever in an accident, do these things:

Try to remain calm.

Immediately find a trusted adult.

If an adult is not present, call 9-1-1 or "0" for an operator.

Briefly state the problem.

Give your full name and address.

Remain on the telephone for questions and instructions.

Do you know what to do in case of fire?

The first thing you need to do is stay low and leave the building immediately!

Don't stop to take anything with you.

Never go back into a burning building.

Call 9-1-1 from a neighbor's house..

Never attempt to put our a fire yourself, no matter how small it is!

How can you practice fire safety?

Never play with matches or lighters.

Never handle gasoline or other flammable liquids.

Always be careful around a stove, heater or open fire.

Don't cook without an adult being present.

If something catches on fire, get help immediately or call 9-1-1 or "0" for the operator.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

What do I do if my clothes catch on fire?

If YOUR clothes catch on fire, "Stop, Drop and Roll"

If your friend's clothes catch on fire, don't let him or her run; yell "Stop, Drop and Roll!"

Once they are down and rolling, you can use a rug, blanket, towel, coat, or other heavy cloth object to help put out the flames on their clothes.

Get an adult or call 9-1-1 or "0" for Operator.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

What should I do at home in case of a fire?

Work with your parents before a fire to make a fire escape plan.

The plan should include who helps who get out and where to meet once outside. It is important to have a meeting place so you and your parents will know that nobody is left in the house. Important - Practice the plan!

Household members with disabilities may need special help.

Alert others in the house to the emergency; yell "Fire" as loud as you can and bang on doors and walls if you can.

Know two ways out of every room; one can be a window if you can open it by yourself.

Remember, the lights may not work during a fire. Know how to get out in the dark.

Don't stop to take anything with you or to help the pets.

Stay low if smoke is present; crawl if you must to stay out of the smoke.


Help, my friend has swallowed some poison!

If someone swallows poison, follow these steps:

Try to remain calm.

Try to keep the person still and calm.

Save the poison container or give it to a trusted adult.

CAll 9-1-1 or "0" for the Operator if no adult is present.

State the problem briefly; have the poison container ready to read to the Operator.

Give your full name and address where help is needed.

Remain on the line for questions or instructions.

Do you pet cute, strange animals?

Strange animals can be dangerous!

Never approach or try to pet an unfamiliar animal, large or small.

Be cautious; animals may bite when they get excited.

Remember, a small bit can be dangerous.

It is important to let an adult know if you are bitten.

If a trusted adult is not around, call 9-1-1 or "0" for Operator.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

Are you safe while waiting at the bus stop?

Be SAFE at the bus stop:

Pushing and shoving can cause accidents.

Remain on the curb and alert to danger.

Don't approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop.

Be careful when approaching the bus.

If you can't see the bus driver, the bus driver can't see you.

Always cross in front of the bus at the driver's direction; NEVER walk behind the bus!

Enter and leave the bus in a single file.

Step away fro the bus after getting off.

Always obey school bus rules.

If you have any problems at the bus stop, report it to the bus driver.

How do you reach your school bus stop safely?

On the way to the bus:

Be alert, avoid danger, arrive safely.

Walk with schoolmates whenever possible.

Stay out of the street! Use sidewalks where available or walk on the grass besides the street.

If you must walk in the street, stay as close to the edge of the pavement as possible. Walk facing traffic. Walking in the street is DANGEROUS!

Always obey traffic lights and signals.

When crossing streets, cross only at corners. Look both ways first and use crosswalks where available.

Never accept a ride with anyone unless your parents know about it and approve it.

If you happen to see a stranger acting weird, immediately run to a trusted adults house for help.

Do you know the rules for safety on wheels?

Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Skates:

Head injuries can be serious. Protect your head; wear a helmet! If you are using a skateboard, rollerblades, or skates, also wear elbow and knee pads.

See and be seen -- wear proper clothes and reflectors.

Make sure your equipment is safe and properly adjusted.

Use marked paths and safe areas when possible.

Use hand signals when turning.

When riding bikes on the street, always go in the same direction as car traffic.

Don't ride double.

Obey the rules of the road. It will be somebody else's fault should you be involved in an accident with a vehicle.

Ride slow in parking lots and watch for pedestrians, especially if they have packages or small children with them.

What should you do if someone steals from you?

Stealing is a crime, it is not right form someone to take your things.

Report it to your teacher, parents, a police officer or other trusted adult.

Give details of what happened to the person to whom you are reporting the theft.

Give names of other people who may have seen what happened.

Let a trusted adult help you solve this problem.

How do you call for help in an emergency?

Call for police, firefighters or emergency medics by dialing 9-1-1 or "0" for the Operator.

Describe the emergency briefly.

Give your full name and the address where help is needed.

Hang up only when you are told to do so; listen for questions or instructions.

I'm lost -- now what?

If you get lost, stay calm and alert.

Stay where you are and think.

Don't wonder off, your parents or your group may be looking for you.

Give them a chance to find you.

If no one arrives soon, look for a police officer or other trusted adult.

Know your address and phone number.

Find a telephone and dial 9-1-1 (pay phones are free for 9-1-1 calls).

What should I know about electrical safety?

Never put anything into an electrical outlet.

Never take apart or try to fix electrical things.

Tell a trusted adult immediately about any electrical appliance that starts smoking, smells funny, or makes sparks or funny noises; unplug it quickly if you can.

Don't climb power poles or anything near a power line.

Don't fly kites near power lines.

Don't have anything that has a power cord near bathtubes, sinks, or puddles of water.

What do I do if approached by a stranger?

Shout "NO!" and quickly get away.

Tell a trusted adult, or if an adult is not present, call 9-1-1 or "0" for an Operator.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so, listen for instructions.

Remember what the person looked like and what they were wearing. If possible, what car they were in.

Are strangers dangerous? What to do if you meet one:

Don't accept anything from a stranger unless your parents are right there.

Don't agree to anything suggested by a stranger.

If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away.

Don't talk to strangers; they may not be telling the truth.

NEVER accept a rider or go with a stranger.

What should I do if someone offers me drugs or alcohol?

First, choose friends who don't use drugs or alcohol.

If someone does offer you drugs or alcohol, remember the following:

Say "NO". It takes courage to do what is right.

Change the subject to something else.

Suggest other activities like sports or games.

Walk away and report it to a trusted adult such as your parents, your teacher, your school Principal or counselors.

I think my friend is using drugs and alcohol, what can I do?

Remember, it takes courage to help a friend with a drug or alcohol problem.

Talk to your friend and try to help.

Tell your friend about the dangers of drugs.

Encourage your friend to talk to his or her parents or another trusted adult.

What should I do if I find drugs or drug needles?

Never touch them!

Leave the area.

Tell a trusted adult where they were.

If an adult is not present, call 9-1-1 or "0" for an Operator.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

What do you do if you find a knife, gun or other weapon?

Never touch a weapon, no matter where you find it.

Leave it alone and contact a trusted adult right away.

If an adult is not present, call 9-1-1 or "0" for Operator.

Tell the operator who you are and where you are.

Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

Are you water wise? When you go swimming:

Keep all objects away from the pool area.

Never participate in water sports alone. Always use the buddy system.

Make sure you have adult permission and supervision.

Be familiar with safety equipment and know where it is located.

Don't dive into the shallow end of the pool or into a shallow pool.

Don't participate in outdoor water sports in bad weather.

If someone is drowning, get help right away.

If a telephone is near, call 9-1-1 or "0" for the operator. Don't hang up until you are told to do so, listen for instructions.

What should I do if the telephone rings?

Talk to your parents about how and when you should answer the phone.

If you are allowed to answer the phone, say "hello" but never give your name.

Never give out information about your family.

Never tell the caller you are home alone.

If you get a prank phone call, don't say anything, just hang up.

If you are afraid, call your parents or a trusted adult.

How do you protect yourself in bad weather?

If possible, stay indoors during bad weather.

Discuss with your parents the safe areas of the house.

Stay away from glass windows and doors.

Safe places are usually hallways, closets, and bathrooms.

If you are outdoors and the weather turns bad, go straight home.

If your home is not close, go to a safe place and call your parents.

Watch for falling branches and trees.

If there is lightning, don't stand under trees, try to go into a building.

Stay indoors until the bad weather is over.


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