Lawton Police Department Neighborhood Watch Programs

Read about an efficient and inexpensive way to help prevent crime.

Neighborhood Watch Program in Your Area

A citizens’ organization devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. It is not a vigilante organization, since members are expected not to directly intervene in possible criminal activity. Instead, neighborhood watch members are to stay alert to criminal activities and call the authorities.

A Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crimes.

2019 Community Policing Neighborhood Watches


          Matt Dimmitt 

  • Greer NHW

          POC Don Nelson (580)353-6857

          1101 NW 31St Street

          2nd Tuesday of Month 7:00 PM

  • Gooch NHW

         POC Dick McKeon (580)248-3553

         2105 NW 38th (Holy Cross Lutheran Church)

         2nd Monday of Month 6:30 PM

  • West Hill NHW

          POC Tasha Perry (580)591-3272

         904 Shurman Valley

         1st Monday of Month

         6:30 PM 

  • Almor West

         POC Kiesha Smith (580)284-3428

         4500 SW Lee Blvd (GPTC)

         Last Thursday of Month 6:00 PM


  • Lawton Heights NHW

          POC Shade Palinkas (580)248-2331

          1702 NW Williams

          3rd Monday of Month 6:30 PM

  • Sullivan Village NHW

          POC Mary Bailey (580)355-8485

          41 SE Ford Rd


  • Turtle Creek NHW

          POC Mark Malone

          1304 NE Quail Creek

          As Needed

  • Avondale Point NHW

          POC Lorie McDougle (580)483-6666

         2704 NW 52nd (Avondale Point Apartments)

         Second Monday 


  • Wyatt Village NHW

          POC Cheryl Ginnings (580)591-6868

          8314 SW Castlestone

          1st Tuesday of Month 7:00 PM

  • MacArthur NHW

          POC Mr. Barker

         4628 NE Bell Ave. (Pool House)

         First Monday of Month 7:00 PM

  • Mission Village

         POC Carol Botts (580)514-3596

         2202 N Highway 277 (Knights Inn)

         3rd Tuesday of Month 7:00 PM

  • Cleveland NHW 

          POC Monica Carroll (580)250-1867

         1202 SW 27th Street (Cleveland Elementary)

         Last Monday of Month Aug-May 5:30 PM



1. Solicits better neighbors

2. Promotes better quality of life

3. Assists in resolving neighborhood problems

4. Promotes citizen ownership

5. Helps the police department

6. Builds rapport between police and citizens


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