One to Six Art Purchase Award Program

This program provides creative and meaningful treasures to Cultural Winners.

Each year, the City of Lawton and the Lawton Arts & Humanities Council (LAHC) sponsor this art purchase award where one artist's work is given as awards to six winners of the Lawton Cultural Awards.  The Lawton Arts & Humanities Council's Program Committee serves as jury for this art purchase award, making recommendations to the council.

The award is $900.00 for six pieces.  There is no entry fee. Forms are available in the fall.

Past artists recipients of the “One to Six”  have been Jenny Perry, mosaic, Janie Griffin, custom silver jewelry; John Hernandez, hand painted gourds with woven pine needles; Santos Rubio, Macro-photography; and Tom Biggs, watercolor just to name a few!

Call the Arts & Humanities Division at 580-581-3470/581-3471 for more information. Follow the link to learn more about the Lawton Cultural Awards
Submissions can be mailed or delivered to the Arts & Humanities Division. For mail: Arts & Humanities Division, P.O. Box 1054, Lawton, OK 73502, Deliver to:  Arts & Humanities Division, west entrance of McMahon Memorial Auditorium, 801 NW Ferris Ave., Hours are 8-12 and 1-5, Monday - Friday.

2016 Jenny Perry, submission,photo courtesy of Jenny Perry, the 2016 One to Six Art Purchase Winner

Additional Information

2019 Jan Stratton, Oil 

2017 Santos Rubio, Macro Photography

2016 Jenny Perry, Jenny Perry, Mosaic

2015 Janie Griffin, Custom Jewelry

2014 John Hernandez, Hand-Painted Gourds with Pine Needle Weaving

2013 Santos Rubio, Macro Photography

2012 Myron Beeson, Carved Ostrich Egg 

2011 Tom Biggs, Watercolor

2010 Patty Ferguson, Ceramic

2009 Myron Beeson, Hand-carved Eagle Feather

2008 Cynthia Clay, Mixed Media

2007 Kathy Liontas-Warren, Lithograph

2006 Kathy Liontas-Warren, Mixed Media

2005 Eva Yeahquo-Williams, Non-Representational Reliefs

2004 John Hernandez, Hand Painted Gourds with Pine Needle Weaving


2018 One to Six Art Purchase Award Recipient Announced

Jan Statton

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2017 One to Six Art Purchase Award Recipient Announced

Santos Rubio

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