Open Streets Hits the Streets!

9/14/20 through 10/12/20

"Open Streets Hits the Streets" will allow community members to practice healthy activities in fun and safe ways, and be ultimately recognized and rewarded for it! Open Streets has served multiple purposes since its inception, to include: Creating a sense of community, revitalizing Downtown Lawton, promoting active transportation and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The idea behind "Open Streets Hits the Streets" is for citizens to come up with creative ways to support these purposes, document their doing so via selfies/photos, send these selfies/photos in to the Open Streets committee and then pick up prizes for completing the challenge.

Examples may include:

• Creating a sense of community: A selfie/photo of an individual or group safely volunteering for a service project or attending a community meeting.

• Revitalizing Downtown Lawton: A selfie/photo at a local shop on Downtown C, at the mall or at the Museum of the Great Plains.

• Promoting active transportation: A selfie/photo of a person riding a bike or walking on a sidewalk.

• Encouraging healthy lifestyles: A selfie/photo of a person eating fruits and vegetables or at a yoga studio.

When all selfies/photos are gathered, the participant will send them into @email and be followed up with to claim their prize! Photos may be sent in from 9/14/20 through 10/12/20!