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Statement, released 12/10/19

The City of Lawton is working alongside Delta Nutrition Project – a lessee of the HC King Center – to further investigate a black substance found in the kitchen area of the center on December 6, 2019. An inspector is scheduled for testing December 13; results are expected to be received by December 19.
By contract, Delta Nutrition – which sponsors and operates a nutrition program – is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the kitchen facilities. Additional details of the lease agreement can be found in the attached document.
Upon discovery of the substance, Delta Nutrition opted to suspend services at the HC King Center. Building Maintenance staff of the City of Lawton inspected the remainder of the building during routine maintenance operations on December 6, 2019, and found no cause for concern. Such inspections are carried out on a routine basis. The recreation center remains open for other services administered by the City of Lawton.
Additional information will be relayed to the media and community as it is made available in regards to this matter.
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Update, released 1/7/20

Recent testing conducted by the Oklahoma Natural Environmental Specialists at the HC King Center confirmed the presence of mold in the kitchen area, a space leased and maintained by the Delta Nutrition Project.
Operations in this area were suspended following the discovery of an unknown substance in early December. Testing results were communicated to Delta Nutrition last week. A copy of the report, as relayed to the City of Lawton from the responsible party, may be found on lawtonok.gov.
City officials are working alongside Delta Nutrition to ensure recommended corrective action, as outlined in the report, is taken swiftly. The kitchen area of the facility will be locked and closed off to all until proper treatment is carried out. Other center operations are ongoing.
For more information, call Parks and Recreation Administration at 580.581.3400.


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