Volunteer Performer Application Form, 2017 International Festival


Volunteer Performer Selection Process

The International’s Festival Entertainment Selection Committee reviews all applications to determine if volunteer performers meet the festival’s mission and goals while reserving the right to decline any application at their sole discretion.  All performers must agree to comply with event rules and regulations. For more information, please contact the Arts & Humanities Office at 580-581-3470, 581-3471 or e-mail lahc@lawtonok.gov


The following requirements must be met to be considered:

Performances must meet the International Festival’s Purpose and Mission to: 

       1) Give ethnic organizations an opportunity to display aspects of their culture;

       2) Provide educational opportunities about the diverse cultures in our community;

       3) Develop a festival that will promote a positive image of Lawton throughout the state and have a significant economic impact through tourism.   


  • All applications must include: 

       1) A list of the country/countries or cultures represented in your program;

       2) A short explanation of how your program meets the mission of the festival;

       3) A brief description of your program (i.e. dance, band, vocal, rock, C&W, jazz, etc).


  • All performances must be family oriented.  Profanity and/or any actions deemed offensive or distasteful by the International Festival Committee and/or staff will be cause for immediate cancellation of performance and may hinder your group from performing at future International Festivals.


  • First time applicants must submit DVD/CD of typical performance and two references. References can be from teachers, and/or officials from venues where you have performed. For additional guidance, call the Arts & Humanities Division, 580-581-3470 or 581-3471.



  • Main Stage
    • Time (includes set-up, sound check (if required) & tear down) scheduled in 30 or 60 minute blocks. 
  • Child Performers - One non-performing adult to seven minors. No unattended children allowed anywhere (includes dressing rooms, backstage, and etc). Supervision required at all times.
  •    Each performer(s) is/are required to send representative to the pre-festival Performer’s Meeting.


  • Main Stages, Day of Performance:
    • No later than 30min prior to performance, performer(s)’ manager or official must check in with Stage Manager. Late arrivals subject to cancellation by the Int’l Festival Staff.
  • No later than 30minutes prior to performance, your assigned person who is familiar with your program must check in with the Sound Tech at the Sound Table. They need to remain at the sound table during entire performance to provide information to the Sound Tech.
    • Program list & music must be on same source. Example: Program has 10 songs, all 10 songs on 1 CD or IPOD/MP3 player and files labeled/named. Do not bring 10 different CDs as may cause delay in your program.
  • If using Ipod, MP3 player, or other source to plug into sound board, you MUST bring your device’s USB cable and/or audio out cable
  • Visitors not permitted in dressing rooms and backstage area.
  • Stage, Dressing Rooms & Back Stage – No food or drinks allowed.
  • When performance is over,IMMEDIATELY clear dressing room, tent, and leave the stage area.  This includes stage load and unloading area, no exceptions.
  • Roaming performers
    • Examples of Roaming Performers: Singing, dancing, magic acts, juggling, marching bands, & drum groups. Please note there is no PA system provided, dressing room, or other festival support. Performances will be on natural terrain, roads and sidewalks cannot be blocked off.
      • Check in and out with Information Booth to let them know you are on grounds
        • No time limit during festival hours.
        • If you want to bring portable sound system, let us know in advance.


***After acceptance, changes to your program and/or tech requirements must be reviewed and approved by festival staff.***

2 Main Stages – Lake Helen Stage, North and 2nd Street Stage, South

  • 40’ wide x approx. 19’ deep x 3‘ high. Tent covers both the stage and audience area. 2nd Street Stage, South tent is 120’ x 60’ and Lake Helen, North Stage tent is 60” x 60” over head clearance of 8’ to 16’ for both.
  • Stage Manager and crew at stages
  • Sound tech/system provided based on your application needs, lighting is illumination only
  • Additional equipment can be requested on application form
  • Tent dressing room, capacity 8 adults max, each group has 2 dressing room tents.  


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