Digital Memory Center

Digital Memory Center

Bringing the Past Into the Present. Digitize and preserve family photos, papers, cassette tapes, and other memories.

Digital Memory Center

Use the Digital Memory Center to digitize and share your family memories. Instructions are available for each device and staff are available to help. If you would like a one-on-one instruction session with a staff member, please call 580-581-3450 option 3. Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. 

When converting to digital files, you will need to bring a flash drive or external hard drive. 64 GB flash drives will be for sale.

The Digital Memory Center is connected to the Family History Room

Epson V600 Photo Document Scanner

Scan Photos, Negatives, Slides, or Family Documents

Retouch images: The scanner has one touch color restoration for film and prints. Remove the appearance of dust and scratches in film. Remove the appearance of tears and creases in photos. 

Epson V600 scanner specifications: Scan documents or photos up to 8 1/2" x11" in size. With the adapters, scan 35 mm slides (4 slides at a time), 35 mm film (12 frames at a time), or medium format film strips (2 frames at a time). 

Scanning photos with the Epson V600

Scanning negatives with the Epson V600

Scanning slides with the Epson V600


Kodak Scanza

Convert Film Negatives or Slides to Digital Photos

The Kodak Scanza digitizes films negatives and slides including 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm.

Files save to 32GB SD/SDHC cards. If you don't have an SD card, ask staff to borrow one. 

Kodak Scanza introduction and tutorial


Bookeye 5 Book scanner

Scan books, scrapbooks, or large documents/images

Scan with the book cradle angled or flat. 

Scans documents up to 18" x 24.4"

Included finger removal and fold correction. 

The touchscreen includes templates for common scan types. 

Epson 12000 XL scanner

Scan slides or negatives

Scan batches of slides or negatives. 

How to instructions for using the scanner in Silverfast



ASUS Copystars

Copy CDs or DVDs

Copy family memories on CDs or DVDs with the ASUS Copystars. Bring your original CD/DVD and blank CD-R/DVD-Rs.


Sony RDR-VX525 VCR/DVD Combo

Convert Home Movies on VHS tapes or DVDs to Digital Files

The Sony VCR/DVD Combo converts DVDs or VHS tapes to video files with the help of a video capture device. 

Pyle PT-659DU Cassette Player

Convert Cassette Tapes to Digital Music Files

The Pyle Cassette Player quickly converts family interviews or oral histories on cassette tapes to MP3 files. The dynamic noise suppression feature keeps the sound clear. Works with normal and CrO2 cassette tapes. 

Ion Max LP

Convert Vinyl Records to Digital Music Files

The Ion Max LP converts 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records to digital music files. Headphones can be connected for private listening. 

Wolverine MovieMaker Pro

Convert Film Reels to Digital Videos

The Wolverine MovieMaker Pro is a fully automated digitizer that converts old 8mm and Super 8 movie reels into digital videos. Supports up to 9' reels and 1080p. 

Frame-by-Frame digitizing for high-quality digital conversion

Tutorial with cleaning, loading, and settings

Family History & Genealogy

Family History & Genealogy

Research family and local history with the help of family history staff. The Family History Room houses the premier genealogical and family history collection in Oklahoma.

Learn To Preserve Your Memories Here

Brought to you by the Library of Congress; learn basic information & simple steps to preserving, caring, handling and storing your own multi-media collection of memories. 

Topics Covered

  • The preservation of materials/mediums covered include: Books & Bindings, Photographs, Newspapers, Comic Books, Audio-Visual Mediums including Motion Picture Film.
  • The digitizing of collections.
  • Matting and Framing.
  • Understanding why and how paper degrades. In addition to how to deal with water damage, reducing the risk of pollutants, and minimizing light damage.
  • Discover where to get preservation supplies, on top of uncovering the specifications of items used by the professionals at the Library of Congress.
  • Engage with past and future webinar discussions by collection preserving professionals.

Project Sponsors

This project was made possible by an Oklahoma Heritage Preservation grant, a Lawton Community Foundation grant, and the Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society (SWOGS). Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grants are provided by Oklahoma Historical Society.


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