A Glowforge uses a beam of light to cut, engrave, and shape designs in a variety of materials.

Common Questions

How much does it cost to cut or engrave with the Glowforge?

Nothing. The Glowforge is brought to you by the Friends of the Lawton Public Library. 

What is the size of the material that fits on the Glowforge bed?

The maximum material measure is 12" x 20" 
The maximum printable area is 11" x 19.5"

What materials are allowed?

Wood (unstained/unpainted only or finish sanded off)

What file types can it print?


Where can I find files? 
The library has a Glowforge Premium subscription. We can print items from the Glowforge Design Catalog that say Free with Glowforge Premium. 
Also, there are many free laser cutting files on the Internet. Google search example: OU logo free laser cut svg

Can I create my own files?

Yes, you can use PowerPoint, Inkscape, or other tools. See the sections below for tutorials.

Creativebug Glowforge Tutorials

Creativebug Glowforge Video Classes

Creativebug offers high-quality arts and crafts instructional videos, including ones that show how to make cards and other crafts with Glowforge! Access an on-demand library of over 1,000 art and craft classes for makers at all levels. New classes are added daily with downloadable patterns, templates, and recipes.

Authentication will be via 14 digit patron ID, then you will have to create a free account with your email. 


Official Tutorials from Glowforge

Learn By Doing: Your First Prints. Tutorials covering real projects and common tasks, like adding text, cutting out shapes, and engraving. These tutorials use Glowforge's online design space. Create an account here. Sign in to an account here

Tutorials for alternatives to the Glowforge design space are below. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create Glowforge Files in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is available at the main library's computer lab. 

Video Tutorial by Daniel M 

Using Power Point + Inkscape to Create an SVG for Glowforge video tutorial by Davenport Timber Co. 

Inkscape Logo

Create Glowforge Files in Inkscape

Inkscape is free vector image drawing program. 

Inkscape for Glowforge Users - The Very Basics and Understanding Text video tutorial by Teacher&Maker

Using Power Point + Inkscape to Create an SVG for Glowforge video tutorial by Davenport Timber Co. 

How to do a Multi-Process (engrave, cut, score) file in Inkscape for Glowforge or K40  video tutorial by Party of 4 Crafts

Friends of the Lawton Public Library logo.

Brought to you by the Friends of Lawton Public Library. 

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