Park Pavilions at City Parks

Park Pavilion Rental Procedures

Learn how to obtain an assembly permit for a rental of a park pavilion/area within the City of Lawton.

Park Pavilion/Area Rental Procedures

If wanting to rent a specific pavilion available at the City parks, you must first obtain an assembly permit at the Parks and Recreation Department, 1405 SW 11th Street, Lawton, Oklahoma in the Owens Multipurpose Center.  Come to the front desk and ask for Deborah Long, she will be happy to provide you with the assembly permit needed. 

Note:  When submitting an assembly permit for a park pavilion/area rental, submit the permit 30 days prior to the event as required by City policy.  Also, fees will be applied to park pavilion rentals.

For more information contact Deborah Long at the Parks and Recreation Department at 580-581-3400 or contact her at @email