Waurika Lake Master Conservancy District


Mission Statement

Waurika Lake and Conservancy District

The lake is a multipurpose project initially authorized by the Congress of the United States in 1963. Its purpose is to control flooding to conserve and supply water. It serves six cities in South Central Oklahoma. To fully build and use all the facilities for their intended purpose, the authorizations of the United States Congress, the State of Oklahoma, and member cities were needed.

The Waurika Lake Master Conservancy District (WLMCD) was established in 1962 by decree filed in Jefferson County under Oklahoma Statute 82 O.S. §542 et seq. This incorporation allowed the WLMCD to begin contract negotiations with the United States Army Corp of Engineers for the construction of a dam and conveyance facilities, which culminated in the creation of Waurika Lake and its existing facilities and infrastructure. Before the lake was impounded, the District then contracted with the United States Army Corp of Engineers to purchase water storage rights. The Lake became operational on August 31, 1977. The water from the lake is delivered by the District via separate contracts to its 6 member cities (Lawton, Duncan, Waurika, Comanche, Walters, and Temple) based upon each member city’s allocation.

The District is responsible for water rights management and defense in the 562 square mile water shed, miles of incoming power lines, distribution transformers, pumphouses with over 7,700 hp of pumping capacity, 90 miles of distribution pipelines, telemetry systems, and roadways.




5404 East 1890 Road
Waurika, OK73573
United States